Six Month Smiles in Essex takes the best of braces

Have you ever wanted to straighten your teeth but were not feeling confident enough to tackle the huge undertaking that this kind of treatment appears to be? The cost, the length of time and the discomfort can all be factors that lead us to put it off for another time.six-month-smiles-in-essex

Thankfully, there has been a massive surge in the amount of different devices that have become available in the past years that gives those of us who have misaligned teeth or an incorrect bite the opportunity to streamline our treatment in order to directly achieve the results that we are looking for.

Traditional braces are brilliant and still in common use today. However, for cases that are not so severe but rather cosmetic in essence, they can be full of unnecessary features that are, if anything, cumbersome to the job at hand. By speaking with a dentist about the specific devices that will benefit your personal situation, you may very well be pleasantly surprised at the way in which we can help you to achieve the smile of your dreams quite effortlessly.

One such device is Six Month Smiles in Essex. This treatment is known to take the best of braces and streamlines the procedure to enable it to be completed in a matter of months, as the name suggests.

How does this treatment work?

Six Month Smiles in Essex works like a fixed device, with brackets being attached to the front of your teeth and wires are attached to these brackets to move your teeth over time into their correct position.

The unique aspect of Six Month Smiles in Essex lies in the wires. They have a kind of memory and gradually shift back into this original position after being placed into a crooked alignment to attach to the brackets on your misaligned teeth. This movement takes at most 6 months to complete, hence the promise that comes with the name.

This consistent and gradual movement is a lot more gentle than sporadically tightening wires like dentists must do with more traditional devices or when changing from one removable device to the next stage. Because there is no need to go in to see one of our professionals during your teeth straightening journey, you can benefit from a more independent experience, perfect for those individuals who are working and find it difficult to find time to get off work to come into our practice.

Because they are fixed, the issue with motivation that is commonly seen in those wearing removable aligners is eliminated as well. We find that this treatment really does enable the best of the many different treatments out there and allows you to quickly and effectively complete your teeth straightening transformation and to happily move forward with your life.

So many people delay getting themselves this opportunity of a lifetime, to perfect their smile and allow it to be healthier and more confident. We would love to be able to speak with you about how straightening your teeth with a convenient and fast system such as this one can make a difference to your physical and emotional health.

What are Dental implants in Essex?

Dental implants in Essex are a popular, long term, and effective form of restorative dentistry that strives to restore not only the aesthetic physical appearance but also the functional aspect of a patients’ smile. Dental implants in Essex could be considered as the best possible form of tooth replacement within the field of dentistry and essentially consists of three

How does implant dentistry produce effective results?

Dental implants are made from a sturdy titanium material, they are typically less than one centimetre long and act as a sturdy root base to support both the abutment (also commonly referred to as a ‘connector’) and the custom made porcelain crown.

What are the benefits?

Dental implants not only allow patients to chew, drink, and brush their teeth normally (and therefore with minimal pain or discomfort) however they also look extremely discrete within the mouth. At our dental clinic within Essex we treat every dental case as completely unique, perfectly matching the surrounding teeth to the porcelain crown in regards to their shape and shade to ensure our patients achieve a natural-looking smile.

What to expect from the treatment process..

Many of our patients may be familiar with the term ‘dental implants’ however they may still be unsure of what to expect from the treatment process. Much like any dental treatment administered at our Crofts dental practice, the dental implants start with an initial consultation, during this appointment our dentists will answer any queries or concerns our patients’ may hold.

What happens next?

After our team of dental healthcare professionals have tended to any concerns you may have we may also run you through the treatment process to expect in addition to planning your custom-made porcelain crown! Lastly, our staff may discuss how many appointments you require, costings, and aftercare (to name just a few examples).

Embracing the latest advancements within dental technology

At our surgery within Essex our team are always staying up to date with the most recent technological advancements available on the dental market, our dental implants are therefore no expectation. With this in mind, we use cone beam CT scans (which are also commonly referred to as cone beam computed tomography or CBCT) to digitally position the implants to ensure optimal placing (and therefore results) are achieved.

Are dental implants right for you?

Dental implants have a countless number of benefits, some of which include improving bone density, regaining function of your smile, and preventing surrounding teeth from moving. The combination of the many benefits of this form of restorative dentistry with our modern and collaborative dental approach ensures our patients receive a long term and effective solution to missing teeth whilst achieving an aesthetically pleasing smile they feel confident in.

Do our dental services work for you?

If you are impressed with the dental treatments on offer at our clinic you may wish to take a look at our website. Located on our easily accessible website we not only display our clinic address, contact number, and our email address however we also provide an online ‘ask the expert’ option to ensure even our busiest patients can receive the dental attention they require.

What are six month smiles in Essex?

Six month smiles is a modern alternative to conventional metal braces that strives to work around our patients’ lives, they are considered as a ‘common-sense solution’ which embrace the best aspects of orthodontics. Six month smiles in Essex are not only a practical option for adults who wish to straighten the appearance of their smile however they also look pretty fantastic too!six-month-smiles-essex

What makes six month smiles in Essex so unique?

Within the modern field of dentistry, there are many modern and discrete alternatives to traditional orthodontics. Six month smiles also answer the demand for subtle braces whilst producing fast and effective dental results! In addition to their clear brackets and wires (which helps our patients’ stay confident), this subtle appliance can also produce straighter teeth in as little as six months!

So.. How do they work?

Aside from offering a discrete orthodontic appearance and ensuring fast and effective desirable dental results six month smiles has far more to offer! The comfortable appliance and easy patient tray kits ensure that your entire experience runs far smoother whilst maintaining comfort within the mouth. Lastly, the appliance holds a typical treatment time of around four to nine months, this also ensures they are more economical in comparison to their competitors (such as traditional braces to name just one common example).

Maintaining your newly straight smile..

Many of our patients may be aware of how the six month smiles produce straightens smiles (the subtle wires and brackets slowly apply pressure on the surface of the teeth) however they may be unsure of how to maintain their results! Many of our patients may opt to wear an orthodontic retainer, this retainer maintains the new position of the teeth and can be worn overnight! If a retainer doesn’t work for you our team can explore all of the possible options for your smile (such as a fixed alternative).

Creating a tailor-made dental plan for your smile..

At our Crofts dental practice, situated within Essex, we understand that choosing the right dental treatment for your smile can be a tough decision which is why it is so important you get it right! Our specialised team of dental healthcare professionals adopt a patient-centred approach, working with our patients to find the best possible solution for their unique dental case.

Meet the team

Every member of our highly experienced and skilled dental team has completed the necessary training to administer our modern dental treatments safely and calmly. Our passionate dental staff strive to make the entire process as simple and therefore stress-free for our patients with our caring and professional approach.

A dental service you can trust

At our crofts dental practice we have served patients within the local and surrounding areas for over thirty years, which we believe speaks volumes for the high standard of dentistry we deliver. Our clinic not only uses state of the art technology within a clean and modern environment (ensuring our patients feel comfortable) however we also offer competitive pricing for the bespoke dental treatments we provide.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

Dental implants are a long-lasting and cost-effective way of replacing missing teeth. Using a titanium screw, experts drill into the jawbone for a stable support and then attach custom-made prosthetic teeth for a natural-looking finish. If you are curious about dental implants in Essex but don’t know where to begin, we have the answers for you. Dental implants in Essex are a popular treatment amongst our patients, because they are reliable, realistic and easy to look after. Whether you have a single missing tooth or a cluster, dental implants in Essex could be a practical solution for you, which is why our dentists here, at Crofts Dental Practice, would be happy to discuss your first steps.

dental-implants-essexImproved comfort

Dentures are sometimes described as uncomfortable because they can move or even fall out when you eat. This method of tooth replacement uses false teeth that slot over existing teeth which can, on some occasions, be inconvenient and impractical. Dental implants are inserted into the bone of the jaw and are usually just as secure as real teeth. For this reason alone, many patients have described them to be very comfortable, pain-free and ideal for eating.

They will improve your oral health

Contrary to popular belief, implants don’t require shaving down or removing your own, remaining teeth. Instead, your teeth are left intact, which can improve your long-term oral health. Similarly, the installation of individual teeth means there is an easier access between teeth, which can also contribute towards sound oral health.

They look and behave like natural teeth

Dental implants are arguably one of the most natural- looking solutions in dentistry today. Prosthetic teeth are made to reflect your remaining teeth and sit in line with the gums making it almost impossible to identify implants from real teeth. Unlike dentures, implants are firmly anchored in the jawbone using a process of osseointegration and are therefore similar to the root of a natural tooth. They may be man-made, but they are uniquely created to mirror your own teeth.

They can prevent bone loss

Losing a tooth/teeth can greatly affect your appearance, but it can also have a lasting impact on your bone mass. Losing a tooth means losing the root, and it’s the root which promotes stimulation to the bone, therefore implantation is a process that helps strengthen the jaw and prevent future bone loss. The jawbone processes the addition of an implant in the same way it would a tooth, helping it to grow and strengthen in the same, natural way.

They are easy to care for

Just like real teeth, dental implants require the simplest level of care which includes, brushing and flossing twice a day and regular check-ups with a hygienist. Prosthetic teeth are man-made but still need to be cleaned and managed just as strictly as your natural teeth. Prosthetic teeth are not made from natural materials, but they can still attract tartar and plaque build-ups, as well as gum disease!

To find out more about our dental implants or to arrange your first consultation, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Where can I get Six Month Smiles in Essex?

If you are looking for Six Month Smiles in Essex, then look no further than Crofts Dental. Our practice, located in Epping, offers the latest technology in dentistry to help you get the smile you desire, typically in just six months.

six-month-smiles-essexWhat are Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles in Essex has an average treatment time of just six months, using the very latest technologies and techniques. The Lucid-Lok uses clear brackets and tooth coloured braces, resulting in a barely visible look. The discomfort is usually minimal and the cost is less than traditional braces, veneers, or aligner therapy.

How does it work?

The Six Month Smiles technique uses special nickel titanium wires, applying a low pressure force to move teeth more comfortably. Its focus is primarily on the cosmetic appearance of your teeth rather than the position of your bite. You still wear a retainer, as with any treatment for aligning teeth, which will aid in straightening your smile. However, if you don’t wish to wear a removable retainer, then you can opt for a bonded retainer. It all depends on your level of comfort and preferences.

In what situations may I need Six Month Smiles?

Teeth straightening can visibly improve the appearance of your smile, resulting in a more confident and healthier set of teeth. Crooked teeth, or tooth gaps can be problematic for both chewing and feeling confident. Six Month Smiles in Essex can help you to achieve a smile that you can feel confident in and proud of.

Why choose Six Month Smiles?

Braces are proven to have the most consistent and predictable results when it comes to straightening teeth. The traditional braces – ‘train-tracks’ – have a similar result, but they also mean that you have a visible strip of metal for the duration of your treatment. The average treatment lasts six months; however, we typically say that the duration can be between four and nine months, depending on your situation.

For this period, you would have a visible strip of metal using traditional braces. However, with Six Month Smiles, the clear brackets and tooth coloured braces mean that the braces are barely visible. You can go about your day with more confidence, attend meetings, school, or go to the office, safe in the knowledge that the braces are working in the background, but are almost undetectable.

Six Month Smiles are generally cheaper options, as discussed, meaning that not only can you get the smile you desire without the look of metal across your teeth, but you can achieve a better, more confident smile at an affordable price, with minimum fuss.

Our consultations

If you have a special event on the horizon or just want to improve how you feel about your smile this is a very good option.

Here at Crofts Dental, we are always happy to help assist you in creating the smile you deserve. Our consultations for Six Month Smiles are free, and we can discuss your options and the outcomes you desire, to aid you on your journey to achieve your coveted smile.

Need help with smoking cessation in Essex?

You are probably aware of the negative effects of smoking on your overall health and wellbeing. It is the role of a dentist to be able to offer you support and guidance when it comes to smoking cessation in Essex due to the vast complications that smoking can cause and the impact that it can have on your oral health.

smoking-cessation-essexWe know of many studies that have shown that smoking and using other tobacco related products do have a detrimental impact on the health of your teeth and gums. One of the biggest issues that occurs is that tobacco affects your gum tissue cells, making you more prone to infection and diseases.

Smoking cessation in Essex is an opportunity for you to be able to gain more control over your health and wellbeing. We know that you cannot be forced into choosing to quit smoking, but we simply want you to know that we are non-judgemental, understanding and available whenever you need us to be.

The support is a way to improve your health in a number of other ways as well, as there are more negative impacts of smoking to your oral health that need to be considered. These effects of smoking include the presence of mouth sores, a decreased sense of taste and smell, stained teeth, bad breath and jawbone loss.

All of these concerns have knock-on effects that can be seriously detrimental to your overall health and wellbeing as well. It is not only dentists who are urging individuals to consider quitting smoking.

How can we help you to quit smoking?

Smoking cessation in Essex can be approached in a number of ways so that you can feel comfortable with your individual progress. We can provide you with a vast range of different sources, techniques and equipment that can encourage you to reduce the amount of cigarettes that you smoke per day.

We can put you in contact with specifically trained professionals who are able to follow up and keep you motivated on your journey. We also understand that it is motivating to see positive results, so if you have reduced the amount that you smoke or have quit altogether, make sure that you come in to see us so that we can discover the changes in your oral health for the better.

We are confident that you will discover a range of changes in your mouth quite quickly after you give up smoking. Getting your sense of taste and smell back is one of the first improvements, as is the reduction of bad breath and having a ‘furry’ tongue.

We look forward to helping you on this journey towards giving up smoking, improving your oral health as well as your overall health and wellbeing. Remember, we are only here to guide and support you and allow you to make decisions on your own. Regardless of your commitment to the process, we will always be available for non-judgemental and quality care regarding the health of your teeth and gums.

Complete the look with facial aesthetics in Essex

We understand that your self confidence is more than just how you feel about your teeth. We know that having beautiful, strong and healthy teeth is just part of the entire picture that you present to yourself and others on an everyday basis.

facial-aesthetics-essexMany of you are concerned about those lines and wrinkles on your face that can have you looking older than you feel. This is why we are proud to be able to offer you several treatments that look beyond your teeth and gums and help you to reverse the signs of any premature aging.

What can cause this premature aging?

We have identified that living life to the full and sometimes a little carelessly can lead to premature aging. This means that if you spend a lot of time in the sunshine, you are stressed at times because of work, finances or the children, if you smoke or simply if it is in your genes to be predisposed to lines and wrinkles, you may feel like you look like you are prematurely aging.

Facial aesthetics in Essex is a way for you to be able to soften those lines and wrinkles on your face as well as add volume to cheeks and lips to make you feel and look more youthful. Rest assured that our dentists are fully trained and qualified in treatments of facial aesthetics in Essex and use to full advantage such chemicals and materials like botox and dermal fillers.

How do they work?

We are confident in our abilities to use the correct amount of filler or muscle relaxant in order to provide you with a way to improve your appearance with facial aesthetics in Essex.

We use Botox as a means of relaxing the muscles in your face so that any wrinkles are smoothed out. Common places that this toxin is used includes the forehead, frown lines, around the eyes and lines around the lips.

The Botox toxin is injected into the area of question and results are seen within two weeks. It slowly breaks down over the course of the next few months, leaving you free to use more when you wish to.

Dermal fillers on the other hand are a way for you to replace lost volume in the face, making it appear more youthful and full. You can use fillers in various regions of the face and by speaking with one of our professionals you will be able to determine where the best areas will be to look the most natural and effective.

We use non-permanent fillers, and they are used both on the lips and on your face. You can repeat this process as often as you wish and there are very few, if any, side effects of doing this.

We look forward to helping you to enjoy your smile by going beyond care for your teeth and gums. By recognising the importance of loving your smile, we are able to move forward together to ensure that this can be achieved.

Want to try invisible braces as an adult? Come to Crofts Dental Practice for the latest in adult orthodontics

In the adult world, a great deal of interaction seems to be based on appearance. Perhaps you were intimidated by the idea of wearing braces as a child, and you may now be considering the benefits of having straighter teeth. Having a smile that you can be confident about often makes all the difference to your own self-esteem, as well as the health benefits that come with it! Luckily, there is now more than just one way to straighten your teeth as an adult, and we are proud to offer it to you!

invisible-braces-essexAt Crofts Dental Practice, our team can offer you invisible braces in Essex, such as the world famous Invisalign aligner. This straightens your teeth quickly and painlessly, leaving you with a higher level of confidence about your smile. Our dentists can help you to decide which adult aligner is best suited to your needs, so you can get that straighter smile you deserve sooner!

But what are these adult aligners and invisible braces in Essex that we can offer you? Read on for a brief guide to our most popular adult orthodontics.


Briefly introduced earlier, Invisalign is one of our more popular invisible braces in Essex.

Made up of a set of clear plastic trays that slot over your teeth, this system gently pushes your teeth into their new position, without any tightening or adjusting; all you have to do is change the tray every 2 weeks (on average).

It is required that you wear the braces for 22 hours a day. This aligner is also removable, meaning you can conveniently take it out to brush your teeth and eat.

Inman aligner

Like Invisalign, the Inman aligner is also a removable brace that uses opposing coils to push your teeth into a new position.

It is typically worn for an average of 6 months, and this aligner straightens your front teeth. It is perfect for correcting mild to moderate protrusions and misalignments.

Six Month Smiles

Well, this aligner delivers what is said on the tin!

Unlike the Inman aligner and Invisalign, Six Month Smiles is a fitted brace, that is known as a clear brace. Comprised of a thin piece of metal and either clear or tooth coloured brackets, this aligner is targeted more towards correcting specific protrusions and gaps, meaning that time is not wasted straightening every tooth in the mouth.

Once again, this aligner is worn for an average of 6 months, but this may be longer depending on the severity of the misalignment.

Lingual braces

And finally, lingual braces are the perfect solution for more extreme misalignments.

Visually similar to orthodontic braces, this brace is fitted to the back of your teeth, allowing our team to adjust the tightness and move your teeth forward. This brace may be worn for 6 months to a year and, unlike traditional braces, is made of gold. Very classy!

Want to know more about having adult orthodontics? Be sure to call a member of our team today!

Do you think a hygienist check-up is pointless? Five health benefits by Crofts Dental Care

If you brush and floss your teeth twice a day and attend your dental appointments every six months, you may feel that visiting a hygienist is a waste of time.

dental-hygiene-essexUnfortunately, despite being a very useful member of any dental team, few people attend hygienist appointments and as a result, they can often end up having preventable dental issues when they go to their dental check-up.

However, even if you use the best electric toothbrush on the market, use a specialised toothpaste to destroy acid and floss until your teeth sparkle, you are still likely to benefit from a trip to our hygienist.

At Crofts Dental Practice, we are proud of the dental hygiene in Essex that our hygienist offers and recommend a biannual visit to our hygienist alongside regular dental check-ups. Useful for devising a treatment plan and helping keep your mouth disease free, these dental professionals will also keep your teeth whiter and cleaner than your regular dentist ever could by themselves.

So, what are the benefits of visiting our hygienist and improving your dental hygiene in Essex? Read on to find out!

Prevents gum disease

One of the most common problems we see at Crofts Dental Practice due to a lack of dental hygiene in Essex is gum disease, like gingivitis.

Caused by an accumulation of plaque or bacteria attacking the gum, periodontal disease can lead to bleeding, sore and swollen gums and in the worst cases, can actually cause teeth to fall out!

Our hygienist can prevent all of these issues with a simple scale and polish; designed to remove plaque both above and below the gumline, this treatment reduces the likelihood of gum disease occuring by up to 90%!

Health benefits

Oral health is a reliable indication of overall health; if you have issues with your teeth, it is likely that there is a knock on effect somewhere else in the body.

Indeed, excessive levels of plaque in the mouth have been linked to cardiovascular disease, heart disease and even strokes. Similarly, if you have plaque or tartar in your mouth, you are at a higher risk of heart attack too!

Tooth protection

Excess plaque leads to tooth decay too.

Visiting our hygienist will prevent tooth decay from occurring, due to the removal of plaque and the thorough ‘dentist clean’ feel that our team can offer you. Perfect!

Stops bad breath

We’ve all met someone who has bad breath and, while it is commonly linked to gum disease and cavities, there may be instances where you simply have an excess amount of odour-causing bacteria in your mouth. In this case, our hygienist can equip you with a mouthwash designed to kill these bacteria, leaving you with minty fresh breath.

Early detection

Prevention is better than cure; our hygienist will be able to accurately detect where cavities are most likely to form in your mouth and provide you with prompt treatment to prevent them.

They can also predict the likelihood of gum disease too.

Achieve your best smile through smile makeovers in Essex

Let Essex flourish

smile-makeovers-essexHere at Crofts Dental Practice, we feel that we recognise the importance of presenting a healthy aesthetically pleasing image. More and more, across all age and social demographics, there has been an increased focus on aesthetics and what we present to the world through social media platforms. Never before has there been such an increase in the number of new patients seeking out smile makeovers in Essex to address a number of superficial issues and concerns patients have with their smiles and maximise the overall aesthetic appeal that their smiles have.

Cosmetic guidance

Often, a large percentage of us wish we could boost the overall aesthetics of our smiles, but are left in the dark about how to go about doing so. We are all aware that there are a sea of cosmetic dentistry options out there, but we are unsure as to which are best suited to our specific needs and requirements. As such, it is for this reason that many are seeking out smile makeovers in Essex through our cosmetic dentistry specialist. These are one-to-one consultation and guidance sessions with one of our cosmetic dentistry experts, which are established to gauge each patient’s unique needs and expectations from our services and explain each procedure we offer and how best it may be used to meet the patient’s goals and provide them with the smile they deserve.

Crafting your smile

The consultation is just the first step for those seeking out smile makeovers in Essex, and is done to familiarise the patient with the procedures that are available and determine their needs and how best to meet them. This consultation is entirely free and without commitment, but thereafter – if the patient wishes to continue seeking smile makeovers in Essex – X-rays and photographs may be taken to allow our cosmetic dentistry specialists to get a better knowledge of the patient’s teeth. From these X-rays and photographs, a detailed, bespoke, tailored treatment plan will then be drawn up and on knowing the course of treatment which the patient wishes to take, the cosmetic specialist may begin treatment immediately.

Getting beneath the surface

One of the most sought after forms of cosmetic dentistry which we provide here at Crofts Dental Practice is cosmetic tooth whitening. This is a process which is popular across all age and social demographics and aims to eradicate any superficial discolouration or stains on your teeth and leave you with a fresher, whiter smile. Over time, the natural enamel – outermost layer of tooth – can become dull or discoloured. This can often have a negative impact on the self-esteem of many, and cause them to turn to cosmetic dentistry. Also, certain lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking red wine or black coffee or taking certain medications can speed up the discolouration of tooth enamel and cause superficial staining. Cosmetic tooth whitening however, uses a peroxide-based whitening gel to rid teeth of these stains and return them to their natural whiteness. This is done by applying a small amount of whitening gel to the insides of a custom-moulded retainer of the patient’s teeth. When worn, the whitening agent within the gel cleans the enamel of the patient’s teeth and results in them having a far whiter and healthier looking, renewed smile in a matter of hours.