Brightening things up on white fillings in Essex

Service with a smile

white-fillings-essexHere at Crofts Dental Practice, we are more than your average dental practice. It is our philosophy that, just as no two sets of teeth are identical, no two sets of treatments should be the same either. Rather, we make our goal to provide each of our patients with a bespoke dental service which is moulded around their specific needs and requirements. Whether the most complicated of dental procedures is required, or just a smile check-up, we take the time to get to familiarise ourselves with the needs of each of our individual, unique patients and provide them with a dental service which is second-to-none. We provide an entire range of dentistry options to our patients, which include cosmetic solutions such as white fillings in Essex to ensure that they achieve the smile they deserve. We’ve found that, by connecting with our patients on a personal, human basis, the barriers between patient and practitioner are re-established and a far more mutually advantageous relationship can come to pass, rather than simply opting for the one-size-fits-all approach to dentistry which has sadly become all too common in numerous practices across the county.

Seamless smiles

One of the most popular methods of cosmetic dentistry, across all age demographics, which we offer here at Crofts Dental Practice, is the installation of white fillings in Essex . These are used in instances where a patient’s tooth has become decayed or eroded – through poor oral hygiene or accident – and acts as a filling to restore the cohesiveness of their smile and the strength of their teeth. Generally, dental fillings are constructed from a metal colored dental filling material, which is used to fill holes within the patient’s teeth. These are effective in restoring the patient’s teeth to their full strength and eradicating the risk of decay spreading, although they are often largely noticeable within their mouths due to their colour. White fillings in Essex however, are a similar process, although a white, tooth-coloured dental filling material is utilised, so that the filling becomes practically invisible within the patient’s mouth. These fillings are specifically color-matched to the patient’s surrounding teeth so that they are virtually undetectable to the untrained eye. Similar to conventional, metal colored fillings, white fillings are constructed from a specialist dental material which is strong enough to withstand the biting force of the patients, and restore their ability to chew properly. However, they uniquely afford patients the ability to smile, without the risk of exposing a metallic glint within their mouths, which in turn can have a largely positive effect on their self-esteem and confidence as they can smile freely and without care – as everyone ought to be able to do. Like all service we provide here at Crofts Dental Practice, it is our belief that prevention is the best course of treatment, and as such when we insal white filling we also take the time to explain to our patient’s various tips and techniques they can employ in the future to avoid any further fillings from needing to be installed.

Shine like the stars

Another, vasly popular method of cosmetic dentistry which we provide here at Crofts Dental Practice, is cosmetic teeth whitening. This treatment’s popularity has grown vastly in recent years across all age demographics, due to the increased focus on having a white, healthy smile which has come about through the rise in social media documentation and what is presented through films, media and television. The process of cosmetic tooth whitening eradicates superficial stains and discoloration of a patient’s teeth through the use of a specialist, peroxide-based whitening gel which is applied directly to the patins teeth. This gel cleans away stains which can come about through certain lifestyle choices, such as smoking, drinking red wine, tea or black coffee, or from taking certain medications – and can provide patients with a renewed whiter, brighter smile and the self confidence to match.

Smoothing things over for nervous patients in Essex

More than a smiling face

nervous-patients-essexHere at Crofts Dental Practice, we are more than your average, archetypal dental practice. Where an inumerable, and increasing amount of practices are simply adopting the one-size-fits-all approach to conventional dentistry, whereby the lines between patient and practitioner are divided with clinical, detached, sterilised accuracy and a patient is viewed as one in a chain-link of virtually indistinguishable, identical cases. However, here at Crofts Dental Practice, we adopt a somewhat different stance. It is our philosophy that no two patients are the same – just as no two sets of teeth are identical. As such, we feel that each service we provide ought to be tailored to fit the needs of the individual, rather than the many. Whether patients require the most complicated of procedures, or a simple check up, our professional and approachable staff do all they can to make them feel at ease throughout each step of their unique dental journey. Here at Croft Dental Practice we also specialise in meeting the needs of nervous patients in Essex and are well versed in ensuring their dental experiences are as calm and comfortable as they can possibly be.

Remember to breathe

At Crofts Dental Practice, we understand that, however vital and worthwhile a trip to the dentist may be,  it is not the most anticipated event of the month on a lot of people’s calendar. We also understand that, for some, a trip to the dentist can be the cause of a great deal of anxiety and fear. We are entirely sympathetic and compassionate in this regard, and as such have set up a specialist nervous patients clinic which is specifically devoted to providing dental solutions for nervous patients in Essex with dental-phobia and help them get the dental services they require. A large portion of people throughout the country, across all age demographics, are often deterred from seeking the vitally needed dental work they require out of fear. This fear can span from a number of reasons, which commonly include a fear of needles, a bad past experience within a dentist chair, or the inability to feel numb or not in control. These are just some common reasons, however there are countless others – as well as a great deal of those who do not know the reasoning behind their fear, just that they are truly afraid of the dentists. Whatever the rationale may be, here at Crofts Dental Practice we are fully committed to listening to your needs, and tailoring our service to fit them. We are never judgemental within our approach to nervous patients in Essex , and understand if you have not been to the dentist, out of fear, prior to seeking our services. Each case that involves a nervous patient is entirely unique and specific to the individual. No two cases are the same, and as such each requires that the dental practitioner listen closely to the needs of the patients, and do their utmost to ensure they feel comfortable, relaxed and heard throughout each step of their treatment.

Cooling, calm environments

We understand the triggers which can cause dental anxiety for many include long periods of time spent in waiting rooms, and as such we ensure they are dealt with swiftly to avoid this. We also offer cognitive behavioural therapy to those who require it, which has had a largely positive effect on the experiences of many. We also provide sedation dentistry for those who wish to be sedated throughout their treatment, which is generally done through RA sedation, which involves inhaling an odorless gas which puts patients into a deep sleep to allow the procedures to be carried out painlessly and stress free.

Brighten up your smile with teeth whitening in Essex

As you get older your teeth start to lose their milky white gleam as they fade and become discoloured. There are numerous toothpastes and alternative methods of reducing these effects, but one way to make a lasting impression is through tooth whitening sessions with your dentist.

teeth-whitening-essexHere’s how you can add a little shine to your smile with an appointment for teeth whitening in Essex.

What causes discolouration?

Discolouration and yellowing of the teeth happens to everyone and it’s commonly caused by things in your diet.

As an example, smokers and users of tobacco products have a higher chance of discolouration occurring to their teeth because of the habit. Wine and coffee are also another source of this yellowing, as that regular morning brew or evening sip can slowly stain those pearly whites.

What does whitening involve?

An appointment for teeth whitening in Essex is a fairly simple process that generally tends to involve one of two methods.

The first option is for your dentist to take an impression of your teeth, this is to create a mouthguard that will be combined with a gel that will bleach your teeth gradually over a series of sessions. Another fairly common technique, known as ‘power whitening’, may be used whereby your dentist covers your teeth with a powder. This is then exposed to a light that will activate the compound causing it to gradually brighten your teeth.

Don’t worry about having to choose one, as your dentist will normally discuss your options prior to your treatment, to figure out which one will give you the desired result of whiter teeth. At Crofts Dental Practice our talented and friendly team will bring out that hidden shine and healthy colour that your teeth have lost, with a few professional whitening sessions in our practice.

Can I do it at home?

For those that may have a busy schedule, or hectic family life and commitments that don’t allow for a lot of free time, then there is also the option to take home one of our whitening kits. Each one is custom made to fit your specific needs and we will walk you through the correct application methods as well as how long you should use it for.

Is it safe?

A fairly common question a lot of patients have when it comes to treatments, especially those involving a bleaching compound, is if it’s safe. Whitening is strictly controlled because of the bleaching component of the procedure and you should always follow any and all advice given to you by your dental practitioner. If you have a home kit we recommend that you use a minimal amount of gel as it can cause irritation or blistering if it touches your gums because of overspill.

If you have any concerns about the process then have a chat with our team.

Getting rid of that discolouration and yellowing has never been easier, so if you’re looking to restore your teeth to their former glory or just want to add a little sparkle to your smile, then get in touch with our team.

Can dental implants in Essex save my smile?

Cracks, chips or gaps in your teeth can ruin an otherwise perfect smile and for many people having a damaged or missing tooth can make them feel incredibly self-conscious. That’s where treatments like implantation come in, with this simple procedure your dentist will be able to restore your smile to its former glory.

dental-implants-essexSo with that in mind, here’s how an appointment for dental implants in Essex can help you save your smile.

What are the implants used for?

Generally we would recommend dental implants in Essex for our patients as a way to replace any badly chipped, cracked or damaged teeth that can’t be repaired through other means such as crowns or white fillings. We also often use them to fill gaps in your teeth and in extreme cases of overcrowding we can use them to create a neater and straighter appearance.

How does the dentist fit them?

The fitting process for the implant itself is surprisingly straightforward. We basically use a prosthetic tooth that will either be created out of a porcelain or acrylic resin material, depending on what your dentist thinks would suit you. This material is also shaded and shaped to match its surrounding neighbours to ensure that the replacement we provide not only fits into its new home, but also blends in to provide you with a natural looking solution to your problem.

The teeth are held in place with a sterilised titanium screw that is inserted underneath your gum line and into your jawbone. Then over time the bone should heal back over this screw to provide a stable and sturdy platform for the crown.

Does the treatment involve any pain?

When it comes to dental treatments patients, more often than not, will ask about any pain involved as the mouth is a pretty sensitive area to work in. There may be some mild discomfort involved as it does involve some minor surgery, but your dentist will limit this as much as they can with a local anaesthetic.

At Crofts Dental Practice our team will try to limit the amount of discomfort you feel during your treatment as much as they can, to ensure your implantation goes smoothly and successfully.

If you’re still concerned about any potential pain, you can also discuss the use of a general anaesthetic with your dentist, if it’s appropriate to your particular case.

Tips for keeping the new tooth clean

After you have your implant fitted all that’s left is to keep it clean and clear of any bacteria that might cause it to become infected. You can manage this easily by just lightly brushing around your implant at least once a day as part of your normal oral health routine. If you use floss, try to limit how much you pull around the tooth and gum, as you may damage or dislodge it. Also we recommend you avoid using mouthwash as the chemicals can irritate your gums.

So as you can see the implant process is simple, implants are easy to look after and they can help restore your smile whilst giving you that confidence boost you deserve. To start your journey to a healthier smile just get in touch with our team at the practice.

Living with sensitive teeth

Do you avoid hot and cold food and drink for fear of how they might react with your teeth? Just like you, many adults and children suffer from having sensitive teeth in Essex, a dental issue that is caused by many contributing factors but most prominently from enamel erosion.

sensitive-teeth-essexIf you are tired of living this way and restricting your diet due to your tender pearly whites, book an appointment with one of our trained and experienced dentists at Crofts Dental Practice.

What is enamel erosion?

The surface of every natural tooth you possess is called the enamel. The enamel is the tough outer layer that protects your dentine (the extremely sensitive tissue that is found underneath) against germs, chemicals and fluids.

From the food you consume daily to the fluids your body secretes, this enamel is constantly exposed to, and damaged by, potentially harmful substances, which does lead to its eventual wear and tear if you do not take adequate care of your teeth. Enamel erosion, the primary cause of sensitive teeth in Essex, occurs when the outer layer is damaged beyond repair and leaves the dentin vulnerable and exposed to the elements. People with sensitive teeth in Essex will experience pain or discomfort that worsens without medical treatment.

What generally causes erosion?

Germs contained in plaque use the sugars, found in the food and drink you consume, to create acid. This acid attacks and can destroy your enamel if you do not remove the plaque by cleaning your teeth regularly.

Your saliva can neutralise acid attacks. However, a diet high in sugar and carbohydrates results in a more significant build-up of acid that your body’s natural defences cannot fend off by itself – which is why brushing your teeth regularly with fluoridated toothpaste is so crucial.

What should I eliminate from my diet to improve my oral health?

Watch what you eat by curbing your intake of sugary, acidic and starchy foods, such as white bread. If you do consume acidic drinks, such as orange juice, use a straw to minimise your teeth’s contact with the beverage.

Are there other medical conditions that cause this issue?

If you are in the habit of grinding your teeth, then know that it can negatively impact the structure of your teeth. Correct this issue by enquiring with us about using a retainer at night.

Xerostomia is a condition that results in a reduction of saliva and is often a symptom of serious illnesses, such as Diabetes. Less acid is neutralised without the necessary saliva.

Certain medications, like antihistamines and aspirin, can weaken your enamel’s defences against foreign substances.

The way you brush your teeth can impose upon your enamel. People often correlate healthy teeth to hard brushing – which is not at all true. Brush gently and use a soft-bristled toothbrush.

How can we fight off enamel erosion?

Unfortunately, enamel does not grow back, but we can prevent the decay from getting worse. One technique we often recommend is bonding, especially if you have experienced tooth discolouration as a result of enamel erosion. The treatment involves applying resin, a tooth-coloured resin, to the front of your tooth. The resin is both functional and aesthetically-pleasing because it protects the tooth while reversing discolouration, stains and marks.

Visit us for an appointment before your sensitive teeth get in the way of everyday life!

Telltale signs that you need root canal therapy

Experiencing severe pain that stems from your teeth is not a sign of a healthy mouth and could be a reaction to an infected or inflamed root canal. Not receiving medical attention for a dental issue of this kind could lead to extensive tooth loss and seriously impair your life.

root-canal-therapyOur dental practice, Crofts Dental Practice, administer endodontic treatments, such as root canals in Essex, daily. We have successfully treated all types of root canal issues, from the most straightforward to complex cases, and are ready to help you!

Is my tooth infected?

There is a notable difference between ordinary toothache and the pain that accompanies an infected root canal; this type of sensation is akin to an intense and consistent throbbing or pressure on your tooth, getting worse over time.

Are root canals in Essex necessary?

Root canals have been coined “tooth-saving surgeries”. Often, to preserve regular teeth, we must perform root canals in Essex.

By not undergoing treatment, your infected root canal can lead to an abscess and the eventual, but avoidable, loss of teeth.

Explaining the anatomy of the tooth

The Greek term “endo” means inside and “odont” means tooth. Put together, “ëndodontics” refers to the study of the inside of your tooth, namely the pulp.

The pulp is the epicentre of your tooth, where all your blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue are found. Dental problems will arise when the pulp becomes infected. The unhealthy pulp must be removed to prevent abscesses from forming and also to save the tooth.

Can a tooth survive without pulp?

The pulp is necessary for developing teeth but has less of a function when your pearly whites are fully formed. In short, yes, they can survive without, as permanent teeth do not need pulp.

What is root canal therapy?

Many regard root canal therapy as a significant procedure, which is painful and expensive, but this is not wholly accurate.

Millions of patients undergo this treatment every year, and while it does save teeth, it is not the ordeal people think it to be.

The procedure occurs in four stages:

  • X-rays are taken to validate whether you need root canal surgery. If you need the treatment, we will discuss your options with you before moving forward with the procedure.
  • On the day of the root canal, we will administer anaesthesia to numb the pain. You may feel slight discomfort during the procedure and some tenderness during recovery once the anaesthesia has worn off.
  • Using endodontic-specific tools, we make an incision on the crown of the tooth. We then remove the infected pulp and give the root canals a thorough cleaning.
  • To prevent re-infection, we fill the space with a biocompatible filler. Where there is extensive decay, we might apply a crown to the damaged part of the tooth.

Is extraction an alternative to root canals?

When faced with severe pain, some patients might turn to extraction, which is not always recommended. The procedure might be effective in eliminating your discomfort and is considered a cheaper option. However, your tooth will have to be replaced with artificial ones to prevent further dental issues down the line, which will be more expensive and time-intensive in the long run.

Entrust our tooth-saving specialist for an emergency root canal surgery.

Dental implants as a solution to losing teeth

Teeth can be lost in several different ways. As they are quite brittle, teeth can often be knocked-out or broken, which can usually occur during a fall, or in a sporting injury. Teeth are also an organic component, which means that they are subject to disease and decay, which may be another reason why your teeth are missing. At Crofts Dental Practice, we understand entirely the trauma and discomfort over losing your teeth, and want to approach the situation quickly and professionally, while keeping your well-being in mind.

Dental Implants in EssexIf your teeth have been missing for a while, then it is important to address them as soon as possible. We will fix both teeth that have been lost that day, to teeth that have been missing for years, using the same approach. However, teeth that have been missing for a while can pose a risk to your oral health, as your jaw and bite can be misaligned. This can mean that your other teeth, that are otherwise healthy, can become eroded and therefore damaged,due to your missing tooth, which can result in sensitive teeth, and a greater risk of cavities.

Replacing teeth that are missing

There are many ways to replace a tooth that has been missing, as it all depends on the location of the tooth, the extent to which it is missing, and how many other teeth are missing alongside it. For example, if you have suffered from periodontal disease, and all your teeth are missing, then dentures may be appropriate for you. If a row of teeth are missing, then a bridge may be suitable. For a single tooth, a crown or a dental implant may be the best option.

Dental implants in Essex

A dental implant is an extremely advanced procedure, and considered one of the most effective ways to replace a tooth that is missing. A dental implant is essentially a titanium screw that is inserted into the jawbone, effectively to replicate the root of the tooth. This treatment can be done if the entire tooth is missing, and therefore needs a full replacement. If you are looking for dental implants in Essex, then Crofts Dental Practice will be able to provide you with this treatment.

Things to consider with this treatment

If you are considering dental implants in Essex, then it is crucial that you consider all the pros and cons of the treatment, before going ahead with it. Implants are a permanent fixture, as they are fused with the jawbone, so they cannot be removed. This is a positive, as it makes them extremely strong, however may not be desirable for some people.

As implants require an extremely advanced procedure, and take a long time, they can be expensive. This can be a deterrent for some people, however due to how permanent they are, they are often considered an investment, as they will rarely need a replacement, making them surprisingly cost effective. If you are interested in dental implants in Essex, then come and speak to us, and we will be able to guide you through the process.

Dental hygiene for fresh breath

If you are looking for fresh breath in Essex, then look no further than Crofts Dental Practice. We understand how important dental hygiene is for oral health, and also aesthetics and confidence. Bad breath is an unattractive feature, and if you are concerned about having bad breath then it may be a result of having poor dental hygiene. Speak to us if you are concerned, and we will be able to guide you on the best course of action for your teeth.

Fresh Breath in EssexWhat causes bad breath?

Bad breath is caused by the decay of bacteria in the mouth, which can produce bad smells. Therefore, a good level of dental hygiene is important as it removes the decaying materials from the teeth, which is what could be causing the smell, and can reduce your risk of cavities.

If you are looking for fresh breath in Essex, and feel like your dental hygiene is of a sufficient standard, then the reasoning behind your bad breath could be something else, and in some cases more serious. Throat and lung infections can also contribute to bad breath, so it is important to get yourself checked as soon as possible.

How to prevent bad breath

Bad breath can be prevented by brushing twice a day using the correct techniques and flossing at least once a day. By maintaining this as a dental hygiene routine, your breath should stay fresh. There are other methods to maintain a good hygiene routine and avoid bad breath, such as avoiding particularly high-sugar foods, and using mouthwash occasionally if you are looking for a particularly fresh feel in your mouth.

Hygiene appointments

We advise that you come in for a hygiene session regularly, to make sure that your teeth are as clean as they can be. This treatment is also referred to as a scale and polish and involves the professional cleaning of your teeth. This is to ensure that plaque and cavities are kept at bay, and with a good dental hygiene routine as well, your teeth will be perfectly clean. Often regular toothbrushes, and a slack routine, can mean that certain areas of the teeth may get neglected. This is where cavities will form and where the source of bad breath may emerge.

Interdental Brushes

Interdental brushes are another way in which you can ensure that your teeth are being cleaned to their fullest potential. Interdental brushes are often given to patients that have been fitted with braces, as often a regular toothbrush cannot reach certain areas of the teeth, and therefore they can become a hotspot for plaque and decay. However, even with teeth that do not have braces, interdental brushes can be very useful at removing excess food that you may have missed. They also provide a softer and more precise brushing method closer to the gums, as brushing too firmly at the gums can cause them to recede.

If you are interested in improving your dental hygiene routine, and making sure that you have fresh breath in Essex, then get in contact with Crofts Dental Practice, and we will be able to assist.

If you’re looking for a dentist who provides unparalleled dental excellence in Essex, why not try Croft Dental Practice?


It’s easy to overlook regular check ups in our busy lives; but did you know that regular check ups are essential for not only our oral health but also for our general health. It is important to head off potential problems at the pass before they can develop into something more serious. We at Croft Dental Practice offer a range of treatments to keep your oral health optimised.

Orthodontics in EssexPerhaps you have missed going to see a dentist for a while are you maybe suffering from an anxiety with going to see a dentist are you new tit the area or just looking for a new dentist. We at Croft dental Practice have been the go to dentist in Epping for almost 30 years. That of course speaks for itself .We specialise in preventative dentistry and orthodontics and also have a range of other treatments available from general dentistry to cosmetic and whitening procedure that will get you smiling. With our fully trained staff and a raft of expertise we can transform your smile easier and for less than you could imagine. Advances in dental procedures along with state of the art equipment allow us to offer treatment to you in a relaxed and comfortable way. We foster relationships with our local community and we sincerely value our patients both young and old. So if its general orthodontics in Essex that you require with check-ups and teeth cleaning, we can offer a full service to keep your teeth in tip top condition.

What can we do for you

If you need orthodontics to realign and manoeuvre your teeth into position we can help with this also. At our practice we can really help to give you the smile you have always wanted. We offer cosmetic whitening techniques and veneers for far less than you could imagine. Our knowledgeable and welcoming staff at Croft dental practice will discuss the treatment options available and discuss with you the best way to achieve the smile you always wanted. Despite the aesthetic side of things, orthodontics are also important to us. Orthodontics in Essex includes the little touch ups that you might be looking for, whether this be alignment of your jaw and teeth, or if you are simply unhappy with the way your mouth sits.We have a range of payment options including a dental plan which allows you to spread the cost with easy monthly payments. Children of our paying patients are able to receive check ups free of charge.

Perhaps you have a fear of going to the dentist and let’s face it many of us have, we are very experienced in helping you get the treatment you deserve. Our staff are well trained in dealing with anxious and the more nervous of our patients. Upon arrival we will ask you to complete a general questionnaire so we can have a better understanding of your general health. Then you will meet your dentist and he will discuss the questionnaire with you before performing a thorough examination of your dental health. Once we have completed this we will have a better understanding of any treatment you may need and can then design a treatment program for you.

So don’t delay! Contact Croft dental practice today because a brighter smile is nearer than you could imagine.

Wow! A dentist providing unparalleled dental care for over 30 years?

In today’s fast moving world that surely is a find. Here at Crofts Dental Practice situated in leafy Epping, we have indeed been looking after our patients oral health day in day out for over 30 years. We have always strived to foster close ties with our community, and our patients come from a wide area including Essex, Hertfordshire and London, and enjoy a full service and first class dental and preventative dentistry orthodontics treatment.

Preventative Dentistry in EssexWho are we?

Here at Crofts Dental Practice our dedicated team are on hand to provide you with a first class dental service. Whether it’s preventative dentistry in Essex  such as dietary or daily health tips and tricks, you can be assured you are in safe hands. We offer a full service of treatment options at affordable prices. Our dentists are highly trained and specialised and patient care is at the heart of our practice. The team is lead by Dr Jazz Battu who qualified from the prestigious Guys kings and St Thomas’ dental school in London and Gan Dharrie-Maharaj who qualified at the Royal London hospital in 1993 and Dr Tarik A M Shembesh, who graduated from the University of London with honours.

But don’t take our word for it! As you would expect after 30 years, we have many patients happy to share their experience with you on our testimonials section of our website.

What we can offer you?

There are many different services that we can offer you, ensuring that whatever your need is, it will be fulfilled. Whether this be cosmetic dentistry, such as teeth whitening, fillers or smile makeovers, or the everyday essentials that you are looking for. We offer a wide range of services such as emergency dental care, root canal therapy, extractions or bridges or crowns. And if that isn’t enough, we can also provide you with the important, everyday tips and tricks that are essential in preventative dentistry – dental hygiene advice, children’s teeth and sensitive gums advice, as well as mouth cancer screening. But if you’re looking for more than just preventative dentistry in Essex, we can also help you with services of facial aesthetics, for example lip fillers, wrinkle reduction, or dermal fillers. These are used to replace lost volume in the face, caused by the loss of collagen. Whether this be due to age or missing fat, these non-permanent injections are painless, and give you a youthful, natural look that you were born with.


Sometimes in our busy lives, we can overlook our dental care and forget to look after ourselves. Whether you’re new in town or are looking to change your dentist, we can offer you a full service dental treatment for less than you think. We specialise in preventative orthodontics, and our friendly welcoming practise has over 30 years practise in providing this to many other people like yourself. So no matter what your problem may be – a sporting accident, illness or something else that can randomly pop up in day to day life, here at Crofts Dental Practice we have your back – why not leave the rest up to the professionals?