Six Month Smiles: get your new smile sooner rather than later

At Crofts Dental Practice, we believe that a healthy and attractive smile not only enhances your overall wellbeing, but can also give you a confidence boost. With over 30 years of experience in providing excellent dental care to our patients, we take pride in offering a wide range of treatments for the entire family, including convenient Saturday appointments to accommodate even the busiest schedules. One of our most popular treatments that has transformed the smiles of countless patients is Six Month Smiles. If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your smile quickly and effectively, this might be the perfect solution for you.


What is Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles Essex is an orthodontic treatment designed to realign teeth in a shorter time compared to some other treatments. It focuses on enhancing the cosmetic appearance of your smile by concentrating on the front teeth that are most visible when you smile. The treatment utilises tooth-coloured wires and transparent brackets, making it a discreet option for those who are self-conscious about wearing braces.

How does it work?

The Six Month Smiles Essex treatment process begins with a free initial consultation at our dental practice. During this complimentary consultation, our skilled and friendly dental team will assess your teeth and discuss your smile goals. We will determine if Six Month Smiles is the right treatment for you and answer any questions you may have about the process. Once you decide to proceed with the treatment, we will take detailed impressions of your teeth, which will be used to create custom-made brackets and wires specifically tailored to your dental needs. The brackets are then bonded to your teeth, and the wires are placed to gently guide your teeth into their desired positions over time. Approximately every 4-5 weeks, you will visit our dental practice for quick adjustments, during which we will tighten the wires to continue moving your teeth towards their final positions. As the name suggests, the treatment typically takes around six months to complete, although the duration may vary depending on individual cases.

The benefits of Six Month Smiles Essex

As the name implies, the treatment can achieve remarkable results in a relatively short period. Within around just 6 to 9 months, you can enjoy a beautifully aligned smile, making it an ideal choice for those with upcoming special events like weddings or job interviews. Six Month Smiles uses clear or tooth-coloured brackets and wires, making them much less noticeable compared to traditional metal braces. Many patients who have completed Six Month Smiles treatment report a significant boost in their self-confidence and self-esteem. Having a straight and attractive smile can positively impact various aspects of your life, from personal relationships to professional opportunities.What’s more, the gentle yet effective nature of the treatment ensures that your teeth are moved into their new positions with minimal discomfort. The customised brackets and wires also contribute to a more comfortable experience. Six Month Smiles is a clinically proven orthodontic treatment that has been used successfully by thousands of patients worldwide. Our experienced dental team will monitor your progress throughout the treatment journey, ensuring it is safe and effective.

Free initial consultation

Your journey to a beautiful smile starts with a complimentary initial consultation at Crofts Dental Practice. During this consultation, we will discuss your smile goals, evaluate your dental health, and help you determine if Six Month Smiles is the right treatment for you. Our team will also provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan. There’s no reason to wait anymore to get the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Contact Crofts Dental Practice today to schedule your free consultation and take the first step towards a confident, radiant smile with Six Month Smiles. Remember, with this innovative treatment option, your new smile is closer than you think!

Teeth alignment causing you problems? Is Six Month Smiles the answer?

Modern society demands rapid outcomes, and in some cases, that has become applicable to the dental industry. Crofts Dental Practice has been offering dental treatments for decades, and dental misalignment is a treatment that has evolved dramatically over the years. At one time, the only really effective treatment was the traditional metal brace, which had to be attached to the teeth using blocks and wires. Technology has allowed the dental industry to produce a variety of braces and aligners and also provided us with more efficient X-ray machines and 3D scanners. Digitisation has helped to make diagnosis and designing treatment plans more efficient. Communication between ourselves and the laboratory is also much quicker. The variety of dental appliances available allows us to employ a more targeted approach to dental misalignment correction. Six Month Smiles Essex is one of the more rapidly effective treatments.


Careful and thorough assessment

An examination is always required to identify your condition and assess the most suitable treatment for your particular condition. Six Month Smiles Essex treatment is most effective when used to treat gapped, crooked or misaligned teeth. In some instances, it may be necessary to use more than one appliance to achieve the desired results. Everyone is different; therefore, we design each treatment around a specific patient’s needs and will discuss your options with you. Your teeth are an extremely valuable part of your anatomy, and any treatment must be carefully considered. Our training, expertise and experience in the dental field of orthodontics ensure that your treatment is designed with your well-being in mind.

Quick and discreet

Six Month Smiles Essex is designed to achieve results quickly and discreetly. The system is designed to straighten your front teeth, which are the most prominent when you smile. This advanced system provides two options. You can either use clear aligners that fit over your teeth or discreet blocks with tooth-coloured wires made from Titanium. These wires move your teeth reliably and quickly with precision into the desired positions. The system takes, on average, about six months to achieve the desired results. In addition to being discreet and quick, the shorter period of treatment makes it less costly.

Increasing dental longevity

Having straight teeth is more than a cosmetic treatment that gives you a radiant, confident smile. There is a practical element to correcting your misaligned teeth within six months. Teeth that are crooked or misaligned make cleaning between them difficult, resulting in bacteria finding places to thrive. This bacteria can slowly cause tooth decay and gum disease. By straightening your teeth, you can make it easier to clean them properly and reduce the possibility of gum disease and tooth decay.

Special occasions

You may have a special occasion or event coming up in six months, such as a wedding, and you may have thought that it would be impossible to correct your condition in time. Our experience and knowledge of using this system will allow you to eliminate any self-consciousness so that you can smile confidently.

Uneven teeth

You may find having uneven or misaligned teeth to be an eyesore, but find metal braces as equally unattractive. Or it may be that you have delayed getting braces in your childhood and now feel uneasy walking around with visible braces in adulthood. You may not warm to the idea of wearing metal braces at a professional workplace and would prefer a more subtle alternative. If that is the case, Six Month Smiles Essex may be the perfect solution to all your concerns.


What can this treatment do?

At Crofts Dental Practice we believe Six Month Smiles Essex provides an innovative solution for adults who are looking to get straighter teeth without having to wait for so long to achieve the results. Six Month Smiles as a straightening system works similarly to traditional metal braces, but these devices are easier to fit on and adjust, on top of being almost completely undetectable and taking less than half the amount of time to provide visible results. This treatment can be used to treat a variety of cosmetic concerns that you may have including uneven teeth and misalignment. It is important to note that unlike traditional braces, Six Month Smiles focus more on the cosmetic aspect of your teeth, making them appear more aligned and therefore cannot be used as a substitute for other dental treatments that target issues such as underbites and crowded teeth.

What are the benefits?

Six Month Smiles Essex are becoming increasingly popular, and the reasons for this are many. Unlike with traditional metal braces which most of the time need to be worn for a minimum of a year, the average time the treatment takes to complete is six months. The braces are clear brackets and consist of tooth-coloured wires making them barely visible and giving them a more natural look as opposed to metal braces which are highly visible and can often become discoloured or stained. They are a lot more comfortable than traditional braces as they do not apply as much pressure and the treatment is not as prolonged. Finally, the treatment is less expensive than having traditional braces or veneers.

How do they work?

Six Month Smiles are a set of clear brackets that are bonded to the surface of your teeth and then tightened with wires that are suited to your natural tooth colour. An impression is first taken of your teeth in order for customised trays to be made in a laboratory, so that the dentist can place the new braces onto your teeth with an excellent fit.


Once the procedure is complete you will be expected to visit the dentist once a month so that they may make any necessary adjustments to help your teeth move into position. You may also find you need to make slight changes to your oral care in order to ensure that the brackets are not damaged. You can do this by rinsing your mouth out with water to dislodge any remaining food particles. When brushing your teeth, make sure to angle the toothbrush bristles downwards so as to brush on top of each of the brackets. Additionally, you will need to wear a retainer to keep your new teeth in their desired position. You can choose either a removable retainer or one that is permanently bonded to the back of your teeth.

What are 6-month smiles?

Six Month Smiles in Essex are an adult implementation of orthodontics that we are happy to provide. It focuses on the aesthetic elements of orthodontic treatment. Mostly, traditional orthodontic tools like braces, separators and rubber bands are used to carry out a 6-month smile but the intensity of the treatment is tailored towards highly committed adults, who are going to comply with getting the most out of their orthodontics over the shortest possible time period.six-month-smiles-essex

6-month smiles are a condensed form of orthodontic treatment because they’re focused; the adult braces that are used involve low-impact subtle braces which are often shaded to match your enamel. The use of standard brace (as opposed to clear aligners) is often preferred due to their more predictable and rapid results. The appointment to have the braces adjusted occurs more regularly than traditional orthodontic treatment; they are still significant and can be quite uncomfortable. And so, the use of over-the-counter pain relief is recommended for the first day or so after each brace adjustment.

This allows treatment to occur in the shortest time frame for your desired results. Realigning your teeth faster also reduces the overall cost of treatment, usually bringing it down to less than traditional orthodontic methods or veneers in terms of resolving a cosmetic misalignment.

Who does it work for?

6-month smile treatment focuses heavily on the front teeth which are of the greatest aesthetic value. Assuming you have healthy structurally sound teeth which have not been compromised by decay, there should be no issue with the use of such intensive orthodontic treatment.

There is no upper age limit to the use of orthodontics but you do need your complete set of adult teeth and we would not recommend a course of Six Month Smiles in Essex treatment to a young adult or adolescence. The whole treatment program is more suited to an adult patient with the discipline and commitment to stick to the treatment. The enamel coloured archwire we use in our braces allows our adult orthodontic patients to continue with their everyday activities without the impact of an intrusive or overly obvious brace and at any reasonable distance, a 6-month smile brace system will go unnoticed.


Due to the speed at which a Six Month Smiles in Essex treatment schedule is carried out, it is highly likely that a retainer will be required at the end of your care. As with the rapid movement of teeth, reversion is more likely.

Reversion is a common complication of orthodontic treatment, where your teeth attempt to return to their original position once the brace has been removed. This is resolved by the use of a retainer, which holds your teeth in their final position until this becomes a permanent state, therefore retaining the progress you made during the procedure. Reversion occurs after a period of time of using a retainer and seems unresponsive to the use of a retainer. There are surgical options to permanently treat reversion, by cutting tendons that exist in the gum anchoring the teeth to the jawbone but this is a secondary treatment option that we would only perform after retainer use.

Six Month Smiles and the advantages of braces

Many of us often wonder what the best way is to improve our health. One natural response is that we need to eat healthily and ensure that we exercise regularly. While this is good general advice for most people’s health, there are some areas of the body which need more specific care than healthy eating and exercise. One such area of the body are the teeth. Whilst eating well certainly helps our teeth to be strong and clean, often our teeth will need additional consideration and treatments to ensure that they are both healthy and aesthetically pleasing. What sorts of treatments can help us with our teeth specifically?six-month-smiles-in-essex

One particular example is the use of braces. Braces are a common treatment frequently used to correct the positioning of crooked or misaligned teeth. While they are a common solution that many people undergo, nowadays there is still quite a lot of stigma about getting them. Many people believe that the treatment to get braces is painful, or that braces do not look good in a cosmetic sense. However, the treatment for modern braces is, more often than not, a smooth and comfortable one. Furthermore, given the multiple different varieties of discreet and personalised braces available to patients nowadays, it is easy to find several different types of attractive looking braces. One example of this is Six Month Smiles in Essex. Six Month Smiles in Essex is a treatment which combines and fine tunes many of the best aspects of braces and provides its patients with a cosmetic way to shift misaligned teeth. But what exactly is this treatment? And what can we expect from it? To answer those questions we will take a deeper look at Six Month Smiles in Essex and an experienced provider of them.

When thinking about Six Month Smiles in Essex, it is important to research a reputable practice which provides them. Of course, patients would like to find a respectable and trustworthy dentist to carry out this treatment for them, and to that end we recommend Crofts Dental Practice. At Crofts Dental Practice, we offer all of our high quality treatments in comfortable surroundings, and we make the most of our modern dental technology and tools to offer some of the latest and most exciting treatments to our patients. With over thirty years worth of experience serving our patients, it is no surprise that our practice employs a philosophy of listening to and caring about our patients, to ensure that their dental journey with us is always a positive one.

What are Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles in Essex are a clear type of braces. This treatment uses small tooth coloured wires, making them very difficult to notice to the outside observer. This treatment is gentle and so entails minimal discomfort, and it lasts for a relatively short amount of time – six months on average. This is possible because this treatment uses special wires that are made out of nickel and titanium, and also because the treatment focuses primarily on moving the teeth that show when you smile.

What are Six Month Smiles in Essex?

Have you been looking for a way to straighten your misaligned teeth? Many people do not have their crooked teeth treated and simply ignore them, but this can lead to having a less healthy mouth overall. This isn’t ideal, and you may be able to improve your smile and your general dental health by looking into getting orthodontic treatment in Essex.six-month-smiles-in-essex

Six Month Smiles is a modern orthodontic system, which has been deemed as one of the quickest ways to straighten a patient’s misaligned teeth within the field of orthodontic dental care. If you have been looking around for the right treatment for yourself, you may find that this is exactly the solution that you have been waiting for. Of course, if you have any questions about the treatment itself or about how the process works, please get in contact with the team at Crofts Dental Practice, as we’re always happy to advise you and ease any nervousness that you may have.

Six Month Smiles are essentially a modern alternative to fixed conventional braces that strives to transform both the function and the physical aesthetic appearance of a patient’s smile, in as little as six months! In addition to their rapid treatment time however, they also work to create long-lasting and therefore effective orthodontic results, for our patients who are suffering from some of the most visible severe misalignment or overbite dental concerns.

Is Six Month Smiles in Essex right for you?

If you are an individual who has teeth that are not as straight as you would like them to be, but do not wish to wait years to see the orthodontic results you desire, then Six Month Smiles could be the perfect solution for your individual dental case! Six Month Smiles essentially uses subtle wires in order to apply pressure on the misaligned teeth, therefore producing a straight smile for all of our patients, however small or large their concerns may be.

What are the benefits of receiving Six Month Smiles in Essex?

There are many advantages to having Six Month Smiles as your chosen dental treatment, and we’d like to take you through a few of these to give you a good idea of the benefits that you may be receiving after beginning to undergo treatment with us.

Traditional metal braces have been present within the field of dental care for a multitude of years; they have, therefore, been deemed as extremely successful when resolving some of the most severe dental cases. Despite their success however many patients are now looking for a more rapid and discreet orthodontic alternative. The Six Month Smiles system concentrates on the front teeth and is therefore faster to gain results. The nickel titanium wires used in this fixed appliance are subtle as they can be tooth coloured too, therefore having less obvious impact on appearance during treatment.

Why choose our dental clinic to receive your orthodontic dental treatment?

Located within Essex, we not only place our patients’ oral health at the forefront of our minds at all times, however we also have a wide variety of cosmetic, orthodontic, and preventive dental care available for our patients. Unlike many other dental clinics, we not only offer a variety of more conventional orthodontic appliances as well as those that are newer, but we also work to evaluate your goals and lifestyle factors to help choose the right orthodontic treatment for your individual dental case.

Six Month Smiles in Essex takes the best of braces

Have you ever wanted to straighten your teeth but were not feeling confident enough to tackle the huge undertaking that this kind of treatment appears to be? The cost, the length of time and the discomfort can all be factors that lead us to put it off for another time.six-month-smiles-in-essex

Thankfully, there has been a massive surge in the amount of different devices that have become available in the past years that gives those of us who have misaligned teeth or an incorrect bite the opportunity to streamline our treatment in order to directly achieve the results that we are looking for.

Traditional braces are brilliant and still in common use today. However, for cases that are not so severe but rather cosmetic in essence, they can be full of unnecessary features that are, if anything, cumbersome to the job at hand. By speaking with a dentist about the specific devices that will benefit your personal situation, you may very well be pleasantly surprised at the way in which we can help you to achieve the smile of your dreams quite effortlessly.

One such device is Six Month Smiles in Essex. This treatment is known to take the best of braces and streamlines the procedure to enable it to be completed in a matter of months, as the name suggests.

How does this treatment work?

Six Month Smiles in Essex works like a fixed device, with brackets being attached to the front of your teeth and wires are attached to these brackets to move your teeth over time into their correct position.

The unique aspect of Six Month Smiles in Essex lies in the wires. They have a kind of memory and gradually shift back into this original position after being placed into a crooked alignment to attach to the brackets on your misaligned teeth. This movement takes at most 6 months to complete, hence the promise that comes with the name.

This consistent and gradual movement is a lot more gentle than sporadically tightening wires like dentists must do with more traditional devices or when changing from one removable device to the next stage. Because there is no need to go in to see one of our professionals during your teeth straightening journey, you can benefit from a more independent experience, perfect for those individuals who are working and find it difficult to find time to get off work to come into our practice.

Because they are fixed, the issue with motivation that is commonly seen in those wearing removable aligners is eliminated as well. We find that this treatment really does enable the best of the many different treatments out there and allows you to quickly and effectively complete your teeth straightening transformation and to happily move forward with your life.

So many people delay getting themselves this opportunity of a lifetime, to perfect their smile and allow it to be healthier and more confident. We would love to be able to speak with you about how straightening your teeth with a convenient and fast system such as this one can make a difference to your physical and emotional health.

What are six month smiles in Essex?

Six month smiles is a modern alternative to conventional metal braces that strives to work around our patients’ lives, they are considered as a ‘common-sense solution’ which embrace the best aspects of orthodontics. Six month smiles in Essex are not only a practical option for adults who wish to straighten the appearance of their smile however they also look pretty fantastic too!six-month-smiles-essex

What makes six month smiles in Essex so unique?

Within the modern field of dentistry, there are many modern and discrete alternatives to traditional orthodontics. Six month smiles also answer the demand for subtle braces whilst producing fast and effective dental results! In addition to their clear brackets and wires (which helps our patients’ stay confident), this subtle appliance can also produce straighter teeth in as little as six months!

So.. How do they work?

Aside from offering a discrete orthodontic appearance and ensuring fast and effective desirable dental results six month smiles has far more to offer! The comfortable appliance and easy patient tray kits ensure that your entire experience runs far smoother whilst maintaining comfort within the mouth. Lastly, the appliance holds a typical treatment time of around four to nine months, this also ensures they are more economical in comparison to their competitors (such as traditional braces to name just one common example).

Maintaining your newly straight smile..

Many of our patients may be aware of how the six month smiles produce straightens smiles (the subtle wires and brackets slowly apply pressure on the surface of the teeth) however they may be unsure of how to maintain their results! Many of our patients may opt to wear an orthodontic retainer, this retainer maintains the new position of the teeth and can be worn overnight! If a retainer doesn’t work for you our team can explore all of the possible options for your smile (such as a fixed alternative).

Creating a tailor-made dental plan for your smile..

At our Crofts dental practice, situated within Essex, we understand that choosing the right dental treatment for your smile can be a tough decision which is why it is so important you get it right! Our specialised team of dental healthcare professionals adopt a patient-centred approach, working with our patients to find the best possible solution for their unique dental case.

Meet the team

Every member of our highly experienced and skilled dental team has completed the necessary training to administer our modern dental treatments safely and calmly. Our passionate dental staff strive to make the entire process as simple and therefore stress-free for our patients with our caring and professional approach.

A dental service you can trust

At our crofts dental practice we have served patients within the local and surrounding areas for over thirty years, which we believe speaks volumes for the high standard of dentistry we deliver. Our clinic not only uses state of the art technology within a clean and modern environment (ensuring our patients feel comfortable) however we also offer competitive pricing for the bespoke dental treatments we provide.

Where can I get Six Month Smiles in Essex?

If you are looking for Six Month Smiles in Essex, then look no further than Crofts Dental. Our practice, located in Epping, offers the latest technology in dentistry to help you get the smile you desire, typically in just six months.

six-month-smiles-essexWhat are Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles in Essex has an average treatment time of just six months, using the very latest technologies and techniques. The Lucid-Lok uses clear brackets and tooth coloured braces, resulting in a barely visible look. The discomfort is usually minimal and the cost is less than traditional braces, veneers, or aligner therapy.

How does it work?

The Six Month Smiles technique uses special nickel titanium wires, applying a low pressure force to move teeth more comfortably. Its focus is primarily on the cosmetic appearance of your teeth rather than the position of your bite. You still wear a retainer, as with any treatment for aligning teeth, which will aid in straightening your smile. However, if you don’t wish to wear a removable retainer, then you can opt for a bonded retainer. It all depends on your level of comfort and preferences.

In what situations may I need Six Month Smiles?

Teeth straightening can visibly improve the appearance of your smile, resulting in a more confident and healthier set of teeth. Crooked teeth, or tooth gaps can be problematic for both chewing and feeling confident. Six Month Smiles in Essex can help you to achieve a smile that you can feel confident in and proud of.

Why choose Six Month Smiles?

Braces are proven to have the most consistent and predictable results when it comes to straightening teeth. The traditional braces – ‘train-tracks’ – have a similar result, but they also mean that you have a visible strip of metal for the duration of your treatment. The average treatment lasts six months; however, we typically say that the duration can be between four and nine months, depending on your situation.

For this period, you would have a visible strip of metal using traditional braces. However, with Six Month Smiles, the clear brackets and tooth coloured braces mean that the braces are barely visible. You can go about your day with more confidence, attend meetings, school, or go to the office, safe in the knowledge that the braces are working in the background, but are almost undetectable.

Six Month Smiles are generally cheaper options, as discussed, meaning that not only can you get the smile you desire without the look of metal across your teeth, but you can achieve a better, more confident smile at an affordable price, with minimum fuss.

Our consultations

If you have a special event on the horizon or just want to improve how you feel about your smile this is a very good option.

Here at Crofts Dental, we are always happy to help assist you in creating the smile you deserve. Our consultations for Six Month Smiles are free, and we can discuss your options and the outcomes you desire, to aid you on your journey to achieve your coveted smile.

A fabulous smile is only half a year away

How many years have you spent wishing you had a lovely straight set of teeth? It can seem like a great smile will take forever to achieve, but if you choose Six Month Smiles at Crofts Dental Practice in Essex, your lovely new smile could be as little as 4 months away.

Six Month Smiles in EssexSix Month Smiles cosmetic braces only take 4-9 months to straighten out mild to moderate alignment issues. It’s not very long is it?

What are Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles are modern-day discreet fixed braces for adults with mild to moderate alignment issues. Fixed braces draw the teeth into position using wires pulling through brackets attached to the teeth.

Six Month Smiles are different from traditional braces because the Lucid-Lok brackets are made of clear ceramic and are smaller than metal brackets. The wire that runs between the brackets to create the pull is thinner and coated in a tooth-coloured material.

Six Month Smiles create a discreet-brace look that blends in with your teeth rather than overwhelming them. The smaller brackets and fine wire use a gentle force on your teeth.

These braces are designed to work on your front 6-8 teeth only. These teeth, known as the ‘social 6’, are the teeth that show when you smile. They can be moved with gentler forces, and more quickly, than the back teeth because they only have one root. Pre-molars and molars have 3 roots, and so require more force and take longer to move.

The whole process takes only a few months and then you will have your new smile.

After treatment

Everyone who has their teeth straightened needs to wear a retainer after straightening is complete. A retainer holds the teeth in their new positions and stops them wandering out of place.

You can wear a removable retainer, which goes over your teeth like a mouth guard, at night. Or we can fix a bonded retainer to the back of your teeth, and this is then permanently in place.

Want to know more about how you can get a new smile in only half a year? Come in for a free consultation.