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It’s easy to overlook regular check ups in our busy lives; but did you know that regular check ups are essential for not only our oral health but also for our general health. It is important to head off potential problems at the pass before they can develop into something more serious. We at Croft Dental Practice offer a range of treatments to keep your oral health optimised.

Orthodontics in EssexPerhaps you have missed going to see a dentist for a while are you maybe suffering from an anxiety with going to see a dentist are you new tit the area or just looking for a new dentist. We at Croft dental Practice have been the go to dentist in Epping for almost 30 years. That of course speaks for itself .We specialise in preventative dentistry and orthodontics and also have a range of other treatments available from general dentistry to cosmetic and whitening procedure that will get you smiling. With our fully trained staff and a raft of expertise we can transform your smile easier and for less than you could imagine. Advances in dental procedures along with state of the art equipment allow us to offer treatment to you in a relaxed and comfortable way. We foster relationships with our local community and we sincerely value our patients both young and old. So if its general orthodontics in Essex that you require with check-ups and teeth cleaning, we can offer a full service to keep your teeth in tip top condition.

What can we do for you

If you need orthodontics to realign and manoeuvre your teeth into position we can help with this also. At our practice we can really help to give you the smile you have always wanted. We offer cosmetic whitening techniques and veneers for far less than you could imagine. Our knowledgeable and welcoming staff at Croft dental practice will discuss the treatment options available and discuss with you the best way to achieve the smile you always wanted. Despite the aesthetic side of things, orthodontics are also important to us. Orthodontics in Essex includes the little touch ups that you might be looking for, whether this be alignment of your jaw and teeth, or if you are simply unhappy with the way your mouth sits.We have a range of payment options including a dental plan which allows you to spread the cost with easy monthly payments. Children of our paying patients are able to receive check ups free of charge.

Perhaps you have a fear of going to the dentist and let’s face it many of us have, we are very experienced in helping you get the treatment you deserve. Our staff are well trained in dealing with anxious and the more nervous of our patients. Upon arrival we will ask you to complete a general questionnaire so we can have a better understanding of your general health. Then you will meet your dentist and he will discuss the questionnaire with you before performing a thorough examination of your dental health. Once we have completed this we will have a better understanding of any treatment you may need and can then design a treatment program for you.

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Need orthodontics in Essex? Come to Crofts Dental Practice to get that dream smile

Fewer things fill dental patients with more dread than being told they need braces. The image of that awkward teenager with large metal braces shoots through their mind and causes many patients to refuse treatment; leaving them with misaligned teeth and unresolved confidence issues.

Orthodontics in EssexAt Crofts Dental Practice, we can resolve the majority of dental alignment issues without having to fit traditional metal braces and can offer our patients a wide range of orthodontics in Essex to straighten their smiles.

Different types of braces

As dentistry has evolved, so have the different kinds of alignment solutions that can be offered to patients. Some dental practices are affiliated with a particular dental brand or type of dentistry, but at Crofts Dental Practice we will always put our patients needs first when discussing orthodontics in Essex with them.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are comprised of both metal and brackets. Unlike traditional braces, they are fitted to the back of teeth and are therefore not visible when you smile.

They can be used to treat slight alignment problems or more complicated orthodontic issues.

Inman aligner

More specifically geared towards correcting overcrowding of the front teeth, the Inman aligner gently guides your teeth in to the new, desired position over a matter of weeks.

A plus of this type of brace is that it is removable and can be taken out when you are eating or cleaning your teeth. It is also ideal for orthodontic relapse and can even help with protrusions and with dental rotations.

Six-month smiles

This type of brace boasts being able to straighten teeth in a period of six months and in our experience at Crofts Dental Practice, it does just that!

With this particular brand of braces, there are actually two separate aligners that may be used. One is an invisible aligner that is custom made, fitted to your teeth, and the other is an invisible brace, comprised of thin wires to gently push your teeth into their new position.

As its name suggests, the average treatment time is around 6 months and this brace type can be used to correct crooked, spaced or misaligned teeth.


Invisalign is an ideal orthodontic option for our patients who have mild to moderate alignment issues. This system uses a series of clear, thin aligners to gently move your teeth into their new position.

One of the best things about using Invisalign is that the outcome is predictable. Using computer 3D modelling, you and your dentist can discuss how you want your teeth to look after treatment. Then, a customised set of aligners will be designed specifically to get your teeth into that position by the time treatment is completed.

These are just a few of the options you will have when you come to Crofts Dental Practice for orthodontics in Essex. we will specify any treatment based on your individual needs to give you the best outcome.

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Is it time to unlock your smile potential with Orthodontics in Essex?

Are you worried that your crooked teeth are knocking your confidence and that the only solution open to you is that of ugly metal braces?  Don’t despair, at Crofts Dental Practice we offer many solutions to any dental problems you may have and seeking orthodontics in Essex may just be the light at the end of the tunnel for your teeth!

Orthodontics in EssexBut just what is Orthodontics in Essex?

This type of dental practice deals with the correction of the alignment of teeth and jaws.  If these are not straightened this can lead to further dental issues because crooked teeth, for example, can sometimes be very hard to keep clean and tooth decay can occur.

So what treatments could there be for my crooked teeth?

We offer a number of solutions that could be the answer to your prayers for a stunning smile, the first is that of Invisalign treatment. If you feel self-conscious when thinking about having the old school metal braces, this could be the perfect treatment for you. Invisalign aligners are practically invisible as they are made from clear material.  A series of bespoke aligners are made specifically for each patient and these are each worn for around two weeks at a time, before moving on to the next aligners.

There is also another innovative alternative treatment which is that of lingual braces, they are are a dentistry solution for modern times. The treatment is very simple, an impression of the teeth is made and then a bespoke metal bracket is shaped for your teeth.  These brackets are fixed to the back of the teeth and attached with bands.  These braces move to align with teeth over time and can take anything from 12 to 18 months.

We also offer the Inman Aligner treatment which is ideal for overlapping or protruding front teeth. With this procedure, the teeth are guided to an ideal position in a very short time, in most cases 16 to 18 weeks. The Inman is very adaptable as it can be removed to fit with your lifestyle.

How do I look after my teeth after treatment

Overlapping and wonky teeth can not only cramp your style, but they can also damage your health.  With overcrowding or crookedness, teeth can be very hard to clean, especially in between, so it can be hard to complete an oral health regime properly.  By getting one of our  many new and contemporary treatments like Invisalign, Inman or Lingual braces, you will gain positive benefits to your oral health.

We recommend always cleaning your teeth twice a day and flossing or using an alternative, to ensure that you keep bacteria and plaque at bay.

Hello beautiful!

Your goal of a bright and straight smile will soon be reached if you take the opportunity of all the great treatments there are on offer here. You can feel safe in the knowledge that you will be in the good hands of dental professionals who, collectively, have years of experience between them. Let us use it to help you.

Smile without thinking first

Being able to smile spontaneously is a wonderful gift and if you have never felt able to do so because you have misaligned teeth, then you do not know what you are missing. Being self-conscious about your smile can be a terrible burden. Yes, you may have gotten used to having to remember to put a hand over your mouth every time you laugh, or to smiling with your lips closed, but when you no longer have to remember not to show your teeth when you smile, it is like taking off a pair of tight boots that you have been wearing all your life.

Orthodontics in EssexHere at Crofts Dental Practice, we have a range of discreet orthodontic devices to straighten teeth for adults who would rather not look like a Goonie when they are getting their teeth realigned.

The Inman Aligner

This works on the very front teeth. It sandwiches them between aligner bows that are spring-loaded. Depending on what your teeth look like to start with, getting them straight could take as little as 6 weeks, or as long as 18 weeks, which is still not much time in terms of teeth straightening. The Inman Aligner is taken out for eating and cleaning, and it also doubles up as a retainer, making this a very affordable option.

Six Month Smiles

Fixed bracket and wire braces that realign the front 6-8 teeth, which are the ones most on view when you talk and laugh. The great thing about these braces are that the brackets are smaller than you might think and made of clear ceramic. The wire is coated with a tooth-coloured material, so the whole lot blend in with the teeth. The front teeth are easier to move than the back ones, so treatment can take as little 4 months, but takes 6 on average.

Lingual braces

For more complex alignment issues, we recommend lingual bracket and wire braces that go on the tongue side of the teeth, where they can’t be seen at all.


Removable clear plastic aligners that look like very thin mouth guards, these are removable for eating.

What are you waiting for when it comes to teeth straightening?

At Crofts Dental Practice, part of our job is to make treatments like orthodontics in Essex accessible to as many people as possible. Sometimes this means removing the mental barriers that people have placed between themselves and the procedure that they want.

Many misconceptions surround teeth straightening treatments. This is because methods of realignment have developed a lot in the past few decades but people’s ideas around the possibilities have not yet completely caught up. A visit to Crofts Dental Practice can help you to see how well your teeth straightening can integrate into your life. Some of the common issues that we deal with are addressed below but, for specific guidance, you can contact us at the practice.

Orthodontics in EssexA minor adjustment

For some people, the barrier to a realignment is that they think their issue is too small even though it’s still significant enough to bother them. They don’t want to be subject to fixed treatment for their issue. If this is you, you might be able to benefit from treatment with the Inman Aligner. This is a low-profile, removeable method that just gives the teeth a small nudge in the right direction to get them all lined up properly.

Impressions matter

For some people, the impression they make is key to their professional or personal life. They don’t want to disrupt their look with braces, but they also know that straighter teeth would improve their appearance in the long-term. For these people, Invisalign might be an option that they can take advantage of. As the aligners used in this method are completely clear and fit close to the teeth, they are practically invisible.

Short on time

The idea that all teeth straightening treatments must take a long time to complete is no longer a valid one. Methods like Six Month Smiles can offer you the results you want in roughly 24 weeks. Sometimes it takes a bit longer or it can take a little less time, but this is the average among patients who choose this method. If you are eligible for this kind of treatment, you could use it to get your smile ready for a special occasion or holiday.

Straighter teeth for lifelong teeth

The thing about teeth is that not very many of us are born with a beautiful set of pearly whites that line up side by side to produce a lovely broad grin. Quite a few of us have teeth that are crowded, or protruding, or overlapping.

And the thing with teeth like that is they make wonderful hidey holes for the bacteria that form plaque. These bacteria live in our mouths and love nothing more than to hide away in the crevices and crannies created by wonky teeth, from where they are incredibly difficult to remove with brushing.

Orthodontics in EssexLeft to their own devices, these bacteria multiply and the sticky plaque hardens into tartar, and gives off acid that erodes our tooth enamel to cause decay, and irritate our gums to cause gum disease. Both decay and gum disease can lead to losing our teeth.

Let’s get things straight

Long story short, wonky teeth don’t last as long as straight teeth. And in an age when it’s perfectly possible to hang on to your own teeth until you die, one way to ensure you go to your grave with your own set of pearly whites is to get them straightened with orthodontics. Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry concerned with aligning the teeth and jaws so that they fit together well and the pressure from chewing is even distributed.

When the pressure is uneven, the teeth that take the brunt of the chewing forces, which can be around 97kg or 200lbs in the average male, tend to wear out faster, and can crumble. An uneven bite can also cause jaw problems, headaches and neckaches.

Orthodontics deals with these issues as well as more moderate tooth realignment issues.

The heavy-duty realignment can often be done on the NHS for children, while the jaw is still growing and therefore malleable.

But even though this becomes impossible after the age of 18, when the bones set, moving the teeth is possible no matter how old you are.

Mild realignments often take less time and can be done with smaller, more discreet, even almost invisible braces. Come in and see what we can do to help you keep your teeth for life.

Teeth for life — preventative dentistry

Dentistry has come a long way in the last few decades. There was a time when the ideal 21st birthday present was to have all your teeth removed and replaced with dentures. Teeth were not for life, but false ones were.

Things have changed so much since then that for the first time ever it is possible to hang on to all your teeth until you die, by taking good care of them with preventative dentistry.

Orthodontics in EssexAt Crofts Dental Practice in Essex, our aim is to have all our patients hang on to their natural teeth for as long as possible. And the best way to do this is make them easy to keep clean, and then to keep them free from plaque.

Plaque is the big issue when it comes to teeth. This sticky film that seems to appear from nowhere on our teeth is millions of harmless bacteria. They colonise the surface of our teeth, getting into nooks and crannies and around the gum line, even under it. The bacteria may be harmless, but the plaque builds up and as it becomes thicker, the bacteria nearest the teeth and gums feed on sugars in the mouth, and release acids. It’s these acids that cause the damage, eroding the enamel and getting into the dentine to cause decay and possibly infection. They also irritate the gums to cause gum disease, which can attack the bone under the gum and eventually cause teeth to fall out.

Preventative dentistry: benefits for children and adults

The check-up plays a vital role in preventing decay and disease. By coming to us every six months for a check-up and scale and polish, you let us spot the signs of issues that you won’t become aware of until they start hurting, and by then, they are already quite advanced. If we can spot early signs of decay or disease, it means the difference possibly between a tiny filling and a crown, or maybe an abscess and root canal treatment. With children, we can prevent filling with fluoride treatments and sealing fissure on the back teeth.

Adult orthodontics in Essex

In recent years, many adults have been turning to orthodontics for straightening their teeth and improving their smile. There are a number of reasons for this  – they may have had not access to teeth straightening treatment when they were young, or their teeth started to shift later on in life.

Whatever the reason, never before have there been so many teeth straightening treatments available. This is particularly important for image-conscious adults who are reluctant to wear traditional braces due to aesthetic concerns. With advancements in orthodontics, you have many options that will fit in with your current lifestyle. Our experienced dentists at Crofts Dental Practice in Essex, will help you decide which one is best for you.

Orthodontics in EssexInvisalign

Invisalign is an innovative treatment that helps straighten your teeth without metal brackets and wires. Instead, it used a series of transparent, plastic, removable aligners that help move your teeth into their right position over a specific period of time. Invisalign aligners are custom-made with the aid of 3D technology that helps your dentist predict tooth movements and monitor your overall progress. Throughout the treatment, you will go through a series of removable aligners that have to be changed every two weeks or so. Since they are made of smooth plastic, the aligners are comfortable to wear and fit snugly over your teeth and gums, allowing you to eat your favourite foods and clean your teeth as you normally would.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are just like metal braces, except that they are installed on the back side of the teeth, opposite the tongue. This way they are not visible when you smile. Lingual braces are made of high-quality titanium wires and brackets which are custom-made to fit each individual teeth. They are very discreet and they can fix a number of different orthodontic problems including complex issues.

Six Month Smiles

As their name suggests, treatment with Six Month Smiles braces last only six months. Unlike regular braces, Six Month Smiles braces use tooth-coloured, fixed nickel titanium wires, which move the front teeth quickly and safely. They are ideal for people who want to straighten their teeth in preparation for a special occasion.