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Fee Guide / Payment Plan

Practice Fee Guide 2022

Fees correct as of October 2023

The following guide is an indication of the typical charges that apply to treatments available at our practice. All treatments and charges are discussed and agreed with patients before any treatment is provided. Where the charges vary from those given below, we will explain the reasons.

Prices below are just a guide and costs depend on the amount of treatment required and size of fillings etc.

Treatments   Fees
New Patient special offer with xrays and hygiene   £79
Examination   £40
Child examination
Registered patients   £0
Unregistered patients   £25
Hygiene   £59
Air Polish Hygiene   £81
Periodontal treatment - will be quoted following consultation    
Existing patients   £95
New patients   £120
Emergency extirpation   £190 (£95 will go towards RCT)
Extraction Emergency average price   £250
Single root   £390
Multiple roots   £490
More complex   £590
Xrays   £10
Opg   £50
Opg referrals   £65
Existing patient   £120
Referral   £150
Fissure sealants   £30 each
Composite restorations    
Single surface filling   £95 - £120
Multiple surface filling   £150- £250
Tooth build up   £150 - £290
Non-surgical   £190 - £250
Surgical   £290+
Sedation (without treatment)   £400
Implants   £2500 per implant
Bone augmentation approx   £350
Sinus lift approx   £1500
Dentures – Per arch    
Acrylic   £650
Flexi   £750
Chrome   £1200
Additions up to   £150 each
Posteriors   £590
Replacing posterior crown or more complex crown   £690
Front crowns   £690 – £790 (discount if several)
Veneers   £690 each (discount if several)
Edge bonding   £120 - £250
Composite veneers   £290 - £350
Bonding repair From £95 per tooth
Replacement   £95 per arch
Retainer   £150 per arch
Fixed retainer   £150 per arch
Invisalign From £2900 - £3800
upper and lower – will be quoted following consultation
Free consultation    
Teeth whitening    
Enlighten   £495
Top up gel   £55
Consultation   £85
RCT   £800 - £950 - will be quoted following consultation


Crofts Dental Practice offer a free consultation for any patient wishing to discuss cosmetic or general options to improve their smile.

Finance available to UK residents aged 18 and above. Credit subject to status. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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