Keeping on top of dental hygiene

Spring is starting to appear all around us now, and with it comes that burst of cleaning energy that transforms dark winter homes into bright summer homes. It’s hard to resist that urge to clean the windows and walls and get rid of any sense of hibernation that may still be lingering.

Dental Hygiene in EssexHere at Crofts Dental Practice in Essex, we get the urge to spring clean your teeth too, so why not come in for some dental hygiene and get your teeth ready for summer too.

Winter is a time of warm puddings, hot teas and coffees, red wine and chocolate, all of which can leave their mark on your teeth. If you run your tongue over them, can you feel the build-up of plaque and tartar?

Teeth cleaning at home

It’s not that you have not been cleaning your teeth properly. At least, it isn’t if you’ve been cleaning them twice a day for 2 minutes with a soft-bristled brush and fluoride toothpaste. And it certainly isn’t if you’ve also been flossing once a day and using interdental brushes to remove trapped food. It’s just that plaque never stops growing on the surfaces of your mouth and it can be hard to get out from some places, such as between the teeth and around the gum line.

Why we need to get rid of plaque

Plaque is the main cause of most dental issues. The bacteria that make up plaque give off acids that eat away at tooth enamel. These same acids also attack the gums, inflaming and irritating them, making them bleed. Then they get under the gum and start to corrode your tooth roots and jawbone. The end result of decay and gum disease, after not a little pain, is tooth loss. This is why getting rid of plaque is so important.

Deep cleans with the dental hygienist

Most people need to come in twice a year for a session with the hygienist, who has special tools to remove plaque and tartar. Depending on how bad the build-up is, you may need either one or two sessions to clear it. Then a quick polish and you are all set for spring.

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The importance of dental hygiene for oral health

Visiting your dentist at least twice a year not only helps keep your smile more beautiful but also helps preserve your oral health. By examining your teeth and gums, your dentist will know whether or not you may be developing gum disease, tooth decay or other oral health issues that can be prevented.

At Crofts Dental Practice, we firmly believe that prevention is better than cure and for this reason, we encourage our patients to visit our dental practice on a regular basis. Even if you brush and floss your teeth diligently at home, chances are that you are still susceptible to oral disease. This is because bacteria and plaque cannot be removed from hard-to-reach places in your mouth without the help of a dentist and hygienist.

Dental Hygiene in EssexWhy is good oral health important?

Recent studies have proven that there is a clear link between healthy teeth and general health. Patients who take good care of their teeth and gums are less likely to develop diabetes, heart disease or other health issues. Pregnant women with untreated gum disease show a greater incidence of pre-term and low-birth-weight babies. More alarmingly, mouth infections can lead to infections of other organs of the body, while chewing problems can lead to digestive disorders.

How can dental hygiene in Essex help?

Good oral hygiene and a thorough oral care routine are important for keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Doing this requires more than brushing once a day. Make sure to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss daily. Moreover, visiting your dentist for examinations and cleanings is equally important. Your dentist will remove bacteria and plaque from your teeth and gums and will offer valuable information on proper oral techniques between visits. It is very important that you schedule your dental visits every six months, and sooner if you notice any pain or discomfort.

Care for your teeth, care for yourself

Proper dental care is a vital part of keeping your teeth healthy. Contact us today to learn more about our dental hygiene services. Take the first step towards lasting oral hygiene and set up your appointment today.

A professional touch for clean and healthy teeth

It can be hard to find the time to prioritise your dental health. However carving out a little time to visit a dental hygienist can actually save you time in the long run. Your dental hygiene lies at the heart of maintaining healthy teeth and gums. With our friendly and skilled dental hygienist at Crofts Dental Practice in Essex, your teeth and gums can receive the care and attention they need to stay in good condition.

dental-hygiene-in-essexPrevention: the best line of defence

When is comes to fending off dental diseases, prevention is the best way to keep them at bay. Battling bacterial build-up with regular visits to our dental hygienist in Essex means you can avoid a host of dental problems. Using the latest equipment and materials, you teeth will be thoroughly cleaned, scaled and polished. This will remove accumulated bacteria, plaque and tartar, which brushing and flossing alone can’t achieve.

By taking care of your dental hygiene with the help of Crofts Dental Practice, you can reduce the chances of your teeth suffering from decay and your gums becoming inflamed. Red and swollen gums can be sensitive to touch and can lead to infection of the areas surrounding your teeth. Needless to say this is not a comfortable experience. So to avoid dental pain and discomfort, take advantage of the professional cleaning services offered by our dental hygienist.

Helpful tips to give you back control

Our dental hygienist can advise you on how to take care of your teeth at home. While this may seem as straightforward as simply brushing and flossing, sometimes a slight change in technique can enhance the cleaning of your teeth. This gives you the power to improve your dental hygiene and health.

When you have braces, dentures, bridges or dental implants, you may also need particular guidance on how best to clean your teeth. Our dental hygienist can give you the information you need to maintain your dental hygiene in these cases.

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To experience the feel of professional cleaned teeth and enjoy the dental health benefits, call or email Crofts Dental Practice today. Our dental hygienist is here to help you.

Keep smiling with Crofts Dental Practice

Taking care of your teeth and gums takes more than daily brushing and flossing. The best way to beat bacterial build-up and ward off tooth decay and gum disease, is to seek help from a dental professional. At Crofts Dental Practice in Essex, your dental hygiene is our top priority. With our skilled dental hygienist, your teeth and gums will have the best chance of staying in tiptop condition.

dental-hygiene-in-essexWhy dental hygiene is so important

From a purely aesthetic point of view, healthy teeth and gums look good. Whenever you smile, your teeth are put on display for all to see. Keeping them healthy means you can smile with confidence.

Good dental hygiene also means you are less likely to experience the discomfort of tooth decay and gum disease. The latter is associated with higher risks of developing diabetes, stroke and heart disease. So taking good care of your teeth and gums means safeguarding your general health too.

Daily brushing and flossing is a great first step to maintaining good dental hygiene in Essex. Unfortunately this is not enough. Bacteria are persistent and will find the smallest nooks and crannies to take hold in your mouth. A build-up of bacteria can cause inflammation, gum disease and tooth decay. However there’s no need to worry, our dental hygienist has the skills and experience to help you avoid these unsavoury consequences.

Visiting our hygienist

Using special equipment and pastes, our dental hygienist will clean, scale and polish your teeth. This will significantly reduce the accumulation of bacteria. You will also receive advise on the best techniques for brushing and flossing your teeth at home. A small change in your approach can make a significant difference to your daily dental hygiene routine.

If you wear braces, have a bridge, dentures or dental implants, you may need some extra help to keep on top of your dental hygiene. Our friendly dental hygienist can give you a hand with this too.

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Your dental health and wellbeing is of utmost importance to us. Using the latest dental technology, our dedicated staff strive to ensure your dental treatment leaves you smiling. So make your dental hygiene a priority and call or email us today.