Dental implants in Essex

At Crofts Dental Practice, we are proud to be the premier provider of dental implants in Essex, with our long history in general dentistry. It’s been a tough year for us all and we have been very privileged to continue to serve our community through the ups and downs of a global

Our services go far beyond just general dentistry and we are pleased to be able to offer dental implants to our incredible community which has pulled together during such difficult times. Dental implants are the most complete form of restorative dentistry, allowing us to replace a lost tooth with absolutely none of the original tooth remaining, not even its root.  We can even replace teeth which were lost many years or possibly decades ago, for which even their socket in the jawbone will have closed.

This has made it possible for our surgery to provide techniques developed to allow dental implants in Essex to be performed without full anesthesia. This means we do not require an anaesthesiologist or to order a full operating theatre. With further training, a non-surgical dentist can gain the necessary skills to perform implantation, and we are proud to have the team that can make your dental implants happen.

The implantation process occurs over two sessions with a significant gap of 4 months in between to allow the implants to become fully integrated into the jawbone. We have found that this is the most comfortable and convenient way to receive a dental implant, as receiving both the artificial root portion of the implant and the prosthetic two at the same time can result in the pressure of eating and talking dislodging and twisting the artificial root in its socket before new bone growth has an opportunity to immobilise it.

In the first session, the gum is opened and the lower half of the implant is placed in a socket or a new hole is drilled in the jawbone, in order to allow the titanian peg segment of the dental implant to be placed into the jaw. If the gum is closed over, the newly installed implant is either sutured or glued (depending on which is more appropriate in your case), this allows the implant to slowly become fixed into the jawbone without being disturbed as it is immobilised and protected by the gum tissue around it.

The second part of the procedure it’s very straightforward. This is mainly due to the connectors, which are a semi permanent locking mechanism that holds together the prosthetic crown part of the implant to its titanium artificial root. Once the gum is removed from above the implant the artificial crown is simply clicked into place and is immediately ready for use.

The long-term care and maintenance required for dental implants is extremely minimal and is identical to that of your regular natural teeth. This is one of the reasons why our patients are eager to see our dental implants in Essex as it’s the closest possible restorative to your natural teeth.