What are dental implants in Essex?

Dental implants in Essex could easily be argued as the best possible form of tooth replacement within the modern field of restorative dental care, they are not only used for the replacement of singular teeth, but also multiple missing teeth, and whole rows of absent teeth within the mouth (in the form of denture stabilisation)! Dental implants in Essex essentially consist of three key aspects, arguably the most vital is the dental implant itself, a small titanium screw (typically less than one centimetre in length) which works to accurately replicate the root of the missing tooth. In addition to acting as a stabilising base for both the abutment (also commonly referred to as a ‘connector’) and the porcelain crown.dental-implants-in-essex

A tailor-made dental plan, to ensure our patients’ achieve the best possible dental results

At our clinic within Essex we choose to embrace not only variety in regards to the treatments on offer to our patients’, however, we also encourage the use of the latest advancements available within dental technology, our porcelain crowns are therefore no expectation to this rule! Our porcelain crowns are not only matched to the shade of our patients’ surrounding teeth, however, they also match the shape too, therefore achieving a natural-looking appearance.

Are dental implants right for you?

If you are an individual who is suffering from the loss of one, multiple, or possibly even a whole row of teeth within the mouth, then dental implants at our Crofts dental practice could be the perfect restorative solution for your smile.

What causes missing teeth?

Missing teeth can occur for a multitude of reasons, for example, a bicycle accident, a car crash, or possibly even due to oral diseases and infections (such as gum disease, to name just one common example). Whatever the cause, however, missing teeth can cause a multitude of concerns within the mouth, which is why it is so vital you receive dental treatment.

What are the benefits of receiving dental implants?

Missing teeth cannot only make it extremely uncomfortable (or possibly even painful) for patients to eat, drink or even brush normally, however it can also massively affect their self-esteem, and possibly even trigger the development of a speech disfigurement (commonly referred to within the field of dental care as a lisp). In addition to these functional concerns, the exposed gum can also, unfortunately, act as a breeding ground for oral bacteria within the mouth, therefore triggering the onset of possible oral diseases and infections (such as gum disease, to name just one common example).

So… What’s the solution?

With all of these concerns in mind, therefore, receiving dental implants can massively improve not only the function of a patients’ smile, however, they can also help to maintain a high standard of oral hygiene, whilst eliminating the risk of erasing years worth of orthodontic work (missing teeth can encourage the surrounding teeth to move into the exposed space, this can therefore erase orthodontic results from previous years).