The importance of healthy gums

Like building a house on rock, healthy gums Essex are the foundation of healthy teeth. It is possible to lose a tooth without any cavities or damage to the tooth itself due to unhealthy gums, so how do you keep your gums healthy?healthy-gums-essex

There are many minor issues that commonly occur with poor hygiene and damage to gum health. Chronic mouth ulcers, sore spots, or gingivitis, often seen as scarlet inflammation of the gums and minor bleeding during brushing, are some of the more common ones.

All these issues can be treated with a visit to our hygienist and a change in lifestyle, but in the event that it progresses to full blow gum disease, known as periodontitis, things can become more challenging.


Periodontitis is often a gradual process that goes unnoticed by the patient, but the obvious signs of highly inflamed gums and an unpleasant odour to the breath is apparent to others. Even the chronic gum soreness may have become completely normalised by the patient.

Gum recession makes it sounds like the gum tissue has moved, but much like hair recession, the retreating gum line is not the movement of gum tissue, it is the loss of it and the greater the loss, the less likely and longer it will take to recover. If enough of the gum is lost, then the teeth can no longer remain stable in the jaw and they will begin to wobble and the tendons which bind them are destroyed. The final stage of gum disease may result in the total loss of any remaining teeth.

Stabilisation and recovery

Stabilisation is the first priority in treating an advanced periodontal infection. Recovery is not a rapid process, but one that occurs with diligent oral hygiene over many months. During the recovery phase, regular measurements of pocket depth are required, monitoring the progress and intervening in the event of flaring symptoms. Treatment starts with a course of antibiotics as well as a chlorhexidine based mouthwash as the first step back to healthy gums Essex. Often, a scale and polish is required, as calcified tartar on the teeth is usually the starting point of periodontitis, acting as a safe haven for invasive bacteria and would be a source of reinfection if not addressed and removed.

Talking about gum disease with friends and family

If a patient has got to the point of severe gum disease, there must be an element of neglect involved. It can be an awkward and sometimes embarrassing subject to bring up, but failing to do so will only allow the condition to progress and make tooth loss more likely. At our clinic we want to support healthy gums Essex and provide a non-judgmental supportive environment for those suffering from dental aversions, needing help.

If you think you or one of your family members could use the help of our clinic, please feel free to get in contact. We are happy to answer any further questions either online or over the phone. We are operating normally within government guidelines.