The advantages of dental implants in Essex

Have you considered dental implants Essex as a long-lasting solution to your missing teeth? If you haven’t perhaps it is time to understand some of the advantages you will benefit from should you wish to embark on this rewarding journey with us.


Some 98% of implant treatments are deemed successful and because they last so long, several decades in fact, chances are you will not need to worry yourself again about the condition of the  tooth replacement. You can carry on with life knowing that your implanted tooth will remain intact, strong and support your surrounding teeth; or if you have dentures, will help them stay in place when you want them to.

Who is this treatment for?

Dental implants Essex provides a wonderful solution for many, because the ways in which we can utilise the procedure to benefit a wide range of different patients is vast. Younger patients, as long as they have all of their adult teeth and their jawbone has ceased growing and moving, can benefit from the long-term gains of replacing a missing tooth that they might have lost during an accident or fall.

This can be devastating, especially if the tooth is visible, with the patient generally facing many different procedures over the course of their lives to restore that tooth to full functionality again. But with dental implants Essex, a single implant procedure is all it takes and they can confidently know that that tooth will remain in place for many years.

Older individuals are also warmly invited to discuss their options regarding this style of treatment, either for those with several missing teeth or even those looking to stabilise their dentures.

Single implants and bridges can be secured with a single implant and with four strategically placed rods, two on the upper arch and two on the lower arch, a complete set of teeth can be held in place, with this all being done in a single day!

What is denture stabilisation?

This is a term used for holding dentures in place that are otherwise rubbing, slipping and even falling out unexpectedly; a great cause of distress and embarrassment for the individual.

Dentures begin to shift after extended periods when the jawbone begins to lose its density over time. This is a natural occurrence, but is an unfortunate side effect of teeth replacement systems that are positioned only on the gums and not deeper into the jaw. The jawbone is simply not stimulated as it normally is with natural teeth and as a result, begins to deteriorate and recede.

When this happens, an individual’s dentures no longer fit as they once did. With denture stabilisation, we can offer you a chance to feel confident and comfortable again, even eating foods that you haven’t been able to eat for many years.

We would be more than happy to discuss the personal advantages that you will benefit from having used this treatment for yourself. It is important to gain a complete understanding, so an in-depth and bespoke treatment plan will be discussed giving you the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have.