Straighten your smile with Six Month Smiles Braces in Essex

We all know what metal braces look like and the negative effect they can have on a person’s appearance and psychology. Despite their modern design which is more discreet and lightweight than it used to be and their overall effectiveness, adults are often reluctant to wear them, due to aesthetic and practical concerns.

Modern dentistry has evolved a lot over the years and now offers more options than ever for image-aware adults who want to straighten their teeth discreetly. At Crofts Dental Practice in Essex, we use Six Month Smiles to fit patients with accelerated braces that gently reshape and reposition their teeth in an average of six months. Six Month Smiles braces are a great treatment option for teenagers and adults who prefer a straighter smile without the hassle of metal braces.

Six Month Smiles in EssexIs it possible to straighten my teeth in only six months?

Six Month Smiles works just like regular braces but instead uses white tooth-colored or clear brackets and wires that are barely visible when you smile. However, unlike regular braces which generally require more time to help move your teeth into their position, Six Month Smiles braces focus only on the teeth that show when you smile and do not make any significant changes to your bite.

Moreover, the use of special titanium wires accelerates the process of teeth straightening considerably. Each patient is different, but in general, Six Month Smiles can give you a straighter smile in six months (or even less!).

Are Six Month Smiles more comfortable than metal braces?

Six Month Smiles is a low-force, teeth straightening system. Many people think that the accelerated treatment time means more pain, but that is far from the truth. Six Month Smiles gives an emphasis on the cosmetic appearance of teeth rather than bite position, therefore is not ideal for people who want to correct bite problems.

Who is eligible for Six Month Smiles braces?

If you can have metal braces, chances are that you are eligible for Six Month Smiles braces as well. The teeth straightening treatment is available for older teenagers and adults (15 years or older) who are looking to correct slightly crooked or spaced front teeth.