Rolling back the years

Time was when reaching the age of 40 was quite an achievement. Then in more recent times, 40 was seen as the start of middle age and you were most definitely over the hill. Now, 40 is nothing at all and 50 is the new 30. Better nutrition and exercise is keeping everyone much more fit and able, so it’s important to have faces that keep in step with the rest of our wonderfully toned, supple bodies.

Facial Aesthetics in EssexOne way to do this is with facial aesthetics, which we offer here at Crofts Dental Practice in Essex. Dentists are the perfect practitioners to deliver treatments that affect the face because we spend years and years training in working with the skin, blood vessels, nerves and muscles of the face so we can be effective dentists. Expanding this knowledge to encompass the delivery of facial aesthetics in Essex is a natural progression. We have spent years using needles to deliver anaesthetics, and now we use that experience to deliver just the right amount of Botox or dermal fillers in just the right places in your face to give you a naturally youthful look.

Botox and dermal fillers do two different jobs and can be used either separately or in combination.


Botox smooths out some fine lines and wrinkles by temporarily paralysing the muscles that have contracted to cause them. It works really well on particular wrinkles that are caused by us habitually holding certain facial expressions, such as frown and worry lines, crow’s feet and even smoker’s lines around the lips. You receive a series of carefully placed injections of Botox, which gradually takes effect over the next few days. You will still be able to make facial expressions. Botox lasts about four months.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are injections of synthetic hyaluronic acid, which the body naturally produces and which works to lock in moisture. We inject it into folds and hollows to plump them out. Dermal fillers work really well on naso-labial folds and smokers lines and are also great for plumping out lips that have flattened with age or were naturally thin to start with.