Orthodontics in Essex at Crofts Dental Practice

Orthodontic care has always been a challenging part of dentistry. When considering Orthodontics in Essex, although we rarely use any drilling, people still have real concerns about approaching us and how their treatment may play out. Why?orthodontics-in-essex

A lot of people still associate it with the traditional metal braces that are very common in practice. But when they were used universally, the tightening process which every orthodontic patient had to go through every six or so weeks was very uncomfortable. This often resulted in a patient having to use over the counter pain relief and select softer easier to chew food for at least a few days after the adjustment.

The truth is that orthodontics in Essex does not have to be carried out like that, and there are an awful lot more options in our clinic than there ever have been. Some are specifically designed to be much more comfortable, subtler to wear every day or faster overall.

Clear aligner options

We offer two types of clear aligner; Inman aligner and Invisalign. This gives us further options for patients who are looking for a gentler and almost invisible way to reorganise their teeth. For Invisalign each individual aligner is only expected to be used for about 2 weeks; with such a short tour of duty compared to the standard brace (which you have to wear for the entire length of your treatment) aligners can be relatively lightweight and thin. They are also completely translucent, making them both visually discrete, even at close ranges.

Lingual braces

At a first glance, a Lingual brace may not seem that different to the standard metal braces. But when installed, they fit on the inside of the teeth with their brackets added to the inside surface of the teeth. They can be good for patients who have a more complicated misalignment but also want a low impact option. Their fitting or installation is not trivial and can take more than an hour due to the challenge of their location.

Six Months Smiles

Six Months Smiles are not an orthodontic tool in themselves but are more of a treatment for cosmetic issues located at the front of the mouth; usually with the front 6 teeth. This means they are not equipped to move molars or perform any rotations but if you have a minor issue, they can be beneficial.

The highly aggressive use of the brace makes it more uncomfortable than traditional orthodontics and therefore only really suitable for adults who are committed to achieving those cosmetic goals quickly.

As with many of our other braces and aligners, we may decide to use this brand of brace in a sequence with another type of brace, to ensure that you get the perfect end result that you deserve.

As you can see, the way we perform orthodontics in Essex is definitely one of our prized options and it really depends on how you want your treatment to proceed. If you have any further questions or would like to register with our clinic please get in contact.

What are veneers in Essex?

Veneers are a popular form of cosmetic dentistry at our practice and work by improving the appearance of stained, chipped or even misaligned teeth. Porcelain veneers at our clinic may be an ideal option for patients who desire a natural-looking smile but wish to refrain from undergoing a major dental procedure.veneers-in-essex

What are the benefits of veneers in Essex?

Deciding on the right treatment option to amend your dental imperfections can be a difficult decision and one that should not be taken lightly. If you are a patient who is suffering from damaged teeth and lowered self-esteem as a result, then veneers in Essex could be the perfect solution for your smile. In addition to increased confidence, porcelain veneers reap a multitude of other benefits. Their quick and non-invasive nature allows for a hassle-free procedure and a whiter, straighter smile instantly!

What to expect from the treatment process.

Despite their undeniable popularity within the field, many of our patients may still be feeling unsure of what to expect from the treatment process. A veneer is essentially a wafer-thin (and natural-looking ‘tooth coloured’) piece of porcelain that is adhered to the surface of the imperfect tooth. But how do porcelain veneers work to produce a straighter, and whiter smile?

Taking the first step towards your dream smile.

Over time, a patient’s set of front teeth can become chipped, cracked, or even discoloured, veneers can be used to resolve these issues. During the procedure, an extremely thin layer of the natural tooth is shaved down using a dental drill. A synthetic ‘tooth-shaped covering’ (or ‘porcelain veneer’) is manufactured to perfectly fit the patients’ natural tooth. This veneer is glued into place using a dental adhesive resulting in a rejuvenated smile!

Where can porcelain veneers be used?

Porcelain veneers can not only be used to amend the appearance of one damaged tooth, however, they can also adhere to a full set, and even the entire mouth (this is known as a smile makeover at our practice).

Tailor-made to your dental needs.

Porcelain veneers are bonded on top of the patients’ natural teeth. At our surgery, we take huge pride in providing a superior standard of care by creating custom-made dental plans to ensure our patients achieve the best possible results. Our team of dental specialists can adjust the shape of your veneers to result in a longer looking tooth appearance, in addition to becoming closer together.

Can I just have one tooth replaced?

Many patients’ may associate the word ‘veneers’ with a full set of new teeth, however, this is far from true! Porcelain veneers can also be used to improve the appearance of a single stained or chipped tooth.

Will the veneer stand out?

No! Many patients’ may understandably be concerned that their veneer will appear obvious within the mouth, however, they need not fear! Our team of experienced dental professionals match the exact shape and shade of the surrounding teeth to ensure a natural-looking appearance.

Can veneer be used to close small gaps?

Yes! Many patients may be surprised to hear that porcelain veneers can also be used to close small gaps where orthodontic braces are not appropriate.

What are 6-month smiles?

Six Month Smiles in Essex are an adult implementation of orthodontics that we are happy to provide. It focuses on the aesthetic elements of orthodontic treatment. Mostly, traditional orthodontic tools like braces, separators and rubber bands are used to carry out a 6-month smile but the intensity of the treatment is tailored towards highly committed adults, who are going to comply with getting the most out of their orthodontics over the shortest possible time period.six-month-smiles-essex

6-month smiles are a condensed form of orthodontic treatment because they’re focused; the adult braces that are used involve low-impact subtle braces which are often shaded to match your enamel. The use of standard brace (as opposed to clear aligners) is often preferred due to their more predictable and rapid results. The appointment to have the braces adjusted occurs more regularly than traditional orthodontic treatment; they are still significant and can be quite uncomfortable. And so, the use of over-the-counter pain relief is recommended for the first day or so after each brace adjustment.

This allows treatment to occur in the shortest time frame for your desired results. Realigning your teeth faster also reduces the overall cost of treatment, usually bringing it down to less than traditional orthodontic methods or veneers in terms of resolving a cosmetic misalignment.

Who does it work for?

6-month smile treatment focuses heavily on the front teeth which are of the greatest aesthetic value. Assuming you have healthy structurally sound teeth which have not been compromised by decay, there should be no issue with the use of such intensive orthodontic treatment.

There is no upper age limit to the use of orthodontics but you do need your complete set of adult teeth and we would not recommend a course of Six Month Smiles in Essex treatment to a young adult or adolescence. The whole treatment program is more suited to an adult patient with the discipline and commitment to stick to the treatment. The enamel coloured archwire we use in our braces allows our adult orthodontic patients to continue with their everyday activities without the impact of an intrusive or overly obvious brace and at any reasonable distance, a 6-month smile brace system will go unnoticed.


Due to the speed at which a Six Month Smiles in Essex treatment schedule is carried out, it is highly likely that a retainer will be required at the end of your care. As with the rapid movement of teeth, reversion is more likely.

Reversion is a common complication of orthodontic treatment, where your teeth attempt to return to their original position once the brace has been removed. This is resolved by the use of a retainer, which holds your teeth in their final position until this becomes a permanent state, therefore retaining the progress you made during the procedure. Reversion occurs after a period of time of using a retainer and seems unresponsive to the use of a retainer. There are surgical options to permanently treat reversion, by cutting tendons that exist in the gum anchoring the teeth to the jawbone but this is a secondary treatment option that we would only perform after retainer use.

Dental implants in Essex

At Crofts Dental Practice, we are proud to be the premier provider of dental implants in Essex, with our long history in general dentistry. It’s been a tough year for us all and we have been very privileged to continue to serve our community through the ups and downs of a global pandemic.dental-implants-essex

Our services go far beyond just general dentistry and we are pleased to be able to offer dental implants to our incredible community which has pulled together during such difficult times. Dental implants are the most complete form of restorative dentistry, allowing us to replace a lost tooth with absolutely none of the original tooth remaining, not even its root.  We can even replace teeth which were lost many years or possibly decades ago, for which even their socket in the jawbone will have closed.

This has made it possible for our surgery to provide techniques developed to allow dental implants in Essex to be performed without full anesthesia. This means we do not require an anaesthesiologist or to order a full operating theatre. With further training, a non-surgical dentist can gain the necessary skills to perform implantation, and we are proud to have the team that can make your dental implants happen.

The implantation process occurs over two sessions with a significant gap of 4 months in between to allow the implants to become fully integrated into the jawbone. We have found that this is the most comfortable and convenient way to receive a dental implant, as receiving both the artificial root portion of the implant and the prosthetic two at the same time can result in the pressure of eating and talking dislodging and twisting the artificial root in its socket before new bone growth has an opportunity to immobilise it.

In the first session, the gum is opened and the lower half of the implant is placed in a socket or a new hole is drilled in the jawbone, in order to allow the titanian peg segment of the dental implant to be placed into the jaw. If the gum is closed over, the newly installed implant is either sutured or glued (depending on which is more appropriate in your case), this allows the implant to slowly become fixed into the jawbone without being disturbed as it is immobilised and protected by the gum tissue around it.

The second part of the procedure it’s very straightforward. This is mainly due to the connectors, which are a semi permanent locking mechanism that holds together the prosthetic crown part of the implant to its titanium artificial root. Once the gum is removed from above the implant the artificial crown is simply clicked into place and is immediately ready for use.

The long-term care and maintenance required for dental implants is extremely minimal and is identical to that of your regular natural teeth. This is one of the reasons why our patients are eager to see our dental implants in Essex as it’s the closest possible restorative to your natural teeth.

Offering pivotal facial aesthetics Essex

We understand that the days are long gone where we pretend that cosmetic treatments are not a reality of life. People shouldn’t need to seek out underground and potentially risky cosmetic surgery options, because they are ashamed or simply unable to locate legitimate practices that can offer them the solutions they are looking for.facial-aesthetics-essex

And the fact of the matter is that thankfully, this is no longer a necessity, because facial aesthetics Essex are a proudly offered service that we can provide. Our dental practice can offer you treatments that have been rigorously tested and routinely monitored and which are safely administered by professionals who have extensive training in such treatments, as well as having vast experience in facial structure and anatomy.

Who better than a dentist who has trained for years to understand everything there is to know about the anatomy of the face and jaw to provide you with facial aesthetics Essex treatments? We provide you with a balance so that you can confidently ensure that the final results are one of natural beauty, where people do not realise that you have had any cosmetic enhancements performed, but certainly notice an improvement in your appearance.

If plumped lips, smoothed lines and a more youthful appearance sound appealing to you, then we are confident that our facial aesthetics Essex team will be able to complete your smile and give you that natural, refreshed appearance that you have been looking for.

What are some of the treatments that we can offer?

By using naturally occurring materials, we can plump areas of your lips and cheeks or other parts of your face to slightly alter the shape of your face to attain that desired look you have been aiming for. This can also be an option for those looking for a non-invasive solution to rhinoplasty; commonly referred to as a nose job.

A more youthful appearance is one of the more common effects with this line of treatment, as plumping certain areas of the face quickly adds a more luscious overall look. We are careful when adding volume to lips to ensure that you are happy with the final result and take into consideration your expectations, as well as our experience, to find that perfect spot so that you can really come away from the experience smiling.

Other treatments focus on smoothing out fine lines using Botox, a material that dentists have worked with for a long time as a treatment for sleep apnoea and even headaches. With accurate placement of this toxin, certain muscles in your face are made to relax and this results in many beneficial experiences.

Not only are there physical releases allowing for relief, but lines, particularly on your forehead and around your eyes, can be reduced.

If you would like to understand more about what we can offer you, then we do warmly invite you to discuss your thoughts with us. We will be able to offer you insightful information so that you can better understand the bespoke options that will suit your unique needs.

What are Invisible Braces?

If you are looking for a straight smile then you could consider an Invisible Braces Essex. Orthodontics have gone on to be a very accessible, safe, quick and easy practice that can be used to straighten your smile. Invisalign has been specially designed to show off your beautiful smile and not highlight that you are currently undergoing dental treatment. Invisible braces are made up of clear materials and designed to gradually push your teeth into its designated position. These braces are especially designed to be quickly effective so your brand new smile is released in due course. If you have ever wanted to improve your smile by straightening it then this could end up being the treatment for you. Everyone should have a smile that they can be proud of. This can be done without the need for invasive fixed braces. You can place trust in this treatment and your dentist will work with you to ensure the braces work to the best of their ability. This article will run through why we think that you should get braces as well as what you should do next if you decide if this treatment could be the one for you.invisible-braces-essex

Why should I get braces?

There are many reasons why you could consider an Invisible Braces Essex. A straighter smile is a healthier one as it becomes easier to clean and care for. You can be assured that your treatment will be near invisible to other people. Whilst you undergo your treatment, you can remove your braces so you can eat and drink like usual. Many people have been impressed by the results they had yielded from this treatment. You should consider this treatment as the aligners themselves offer to you clarity in your treatment. The aligners remain removable and when you are wearing them they are comfortable. These aligners can correct various issues with the alignment of your smile. We think you could benefit from this treatment to dramatically improve the appearance of your smile. If you think that this treatment could be for you, then you should read on to see how you could access this treatment.

How should I go about getting a brace?

If you do think that Invisible Braces Essex could be a good fit for you, then you should consider getting in touch with us here at Crofts Dental Practice. We are always keen to meet new patients looking to enhance their smile. You can have a look at our website to read more about the treatments that we offer to straighten your smile.

If you have any questions about this treatment then you could consider getting in touch with us directly here at our practice. Patients who have had this treatment in the past would not hesitate to recommend this treatment to anyone who wishes to improve the appearance of your smile. If you think this treatment could be the one for you, then you should consider making the move to improve your smile. We look forward to hearing from you and being able to help you become happy and comfortable with your smile again.

I am unhappy with my smile

Do you wish your smile looked and felt cleaner? Do you wish your smile looked like the ones you see in magazines and on TV? Do you simply wish you were happier with your smile? Many people are unhappy with the appearance of their smile and wished that it looked brighter and cleaner. We can sometimes become stalled with our smile and wonder what we can do to improve it. As we age our smiles can become dull and stained, we can become increasingly unhappy with the appearance of their smile. Our smiles can be one of our most redeeming features so if it doesn’t look its best then it can wreak havoc on your own self confidence. If this sounds like you, then you should read onto the rest of this article where we will discuss how you can improve your dental hygiene Essex as well as what you can do if you think that we might be the practice for you.dental-hygiene-essex

What can I do about it?

We understand how important your smile is to you and that is why we want to offer you services to improve your dental hygiene Essex. We deliver services through our dental hygienist who will help to carefully remove any plaque from your teeth. Plaque can build up on your teeth but can be removed. We can offer you the treatment of having your teeth professionally cleaned. We use a series of special equipment and pastes in order to have your smile looking and feeling as clean as possible. If you think that scaling and polishing could be for you then we might be the practice for you. We will also advise you on the best way to care for your smile, we will show you the most efficient way to brush and look after your teeth. Our help can help fend on bad breath as well as issues such as gum disease. We do recommend that you come in for regular hygiene appointments to ensure that your mouth stays as clean and healthy as possible. You should read on to the next section to see how you can get in contact with us.

What should I do next?

If you think that we here at Crofts Dental Practice could be the one to provide treatments for your dental hygiene Essex then we recommend that you get in touch with us here at our practice. We can offer you a free consultation so we can determine how to best help you and your smile look its best. You can check up on how the process works on our website as well as reading about the other treatments we offer. If you do have any questions then you could contact a member of our friendly team directly by giving us a call. We always look forward to meeting new patients and being able to help them get the smile that they always wished that they had. We hope you do get in contact with us soon so we can begin to help you and your smile look and feel like its best.

Do you know if you have healthy gums?

There are some visible and physical signs that help you to identify whether you are caring for your gums enough or if they are in need of some extra attention in order to maintain appropriate oral health for your general wellbeing. By having regular checkups, we are able to inform you as to whether you have healthy gums Essex, or if you are in need of some treatment and care to heal this very important feature of your smile that is extremely underrated.healthy-gums-essex

Your gums are the cushions that protect and support your teeth in your jaw. This is a very important role and it is critical that you care for them as much as you care for your teeth. You can do this by brushing regularly (but not over-brushing or brushing too hard), flossing and rinsing often. This all helps to remove harmful food debris from between your teeth, bad bacteria that can multiply and cause infection and plaque, which sticks to both teeth and gums.

Signs of unhealthy gums

There are a few visible signs that will indicate to you and your dentist that you do not have those healthy gums Essex that we would like to expect. These include having red and swollen gums, having gums that bleed when you push on them or blood when you spit after brushing your teeth.

Some physical signs that you should be aware of include pain of any kind in your gums, excessive heat associated with that redness, swelling and other indicators of infection.

Unfortunately, these visible and physical signs are not all that common in helping you and your dentist to identify whether you have healthy gums Essex because you may not present with any of these symptoms before your condition can deteriorate. It is therefore imperative that you seek professional guidance and allow frequent examinations to ensure that your smile is as healthy as can be at all times.

What can happen if your gums are unhealthy?

Gingivitis is a disease of the gums which can be identified by bleeding of the gums among other signs. If gingivitis is left untreated, then this can lead to a more serious condition called periodontitis, which affects more than the gum it concerns the entire area surrounding the tooth.

These infections can lead to loss of your teeth and are therefore vital that you avoid them, especially because with appropriate care, it is relatively easy to keep your gums healthy.

How do I keep my gums clean and healthy?

By attending regular appointments with your dentist as well as having professional cleaning consultations with a hygienist, you will be able to maintain good oral hygiene and the subsequent health of your gums.

We recommend that you visit both a professional who can clean your teeth as well as a dentist to provide you with regular check-ups twice a year, to ensure that we do not miss any subtle changes between appointments.

If you want to ensure that your mouth is as healthy as it can be, book an appointment with us so that we can help you achieve your oral health and hygiene goals.

Enjoy lasting results with smile makeovers Essex

If you haven’t heard of smile makeovers in Essex, then perhaps it is time that you found out more about this innovative technique that many celebrities enjoy the benefits of. For those individuals who are looking for that Instagram perfect smile, then look no further than smile makeovers Essex as your one-stop treatment option to disguise any issues that you might have regarding the appearance of your smile.smile-makeovers-essex

This treatment provides fast results, especially for the dramatic change that you can expect. We can usually finalise and present your full smile makeovers Essex treatment plan within a couple of appointments, allowing for a week or two to create your bespoke veneers. Our professionals have mastered that balance between perfection and expectations with the appearance of a smile and honouring your natural beauty so that the result that you can expect will always be an outstanding one. In other words, we hold true to your unique beauty whilst perfecting, whitening, straightening and, in general, beautifying your teeth so that you can feel confident with having picture-perfect teeth that rival the stars’.

How do we do this?

We use porcelain veneers to achieve this look, a long-lasting and durable solution to many of your cosmetic dental issues. These veneers are extremely thin shells made from very tough material then cemented on to the outer surface of your teeth using a special dental glue. We first need to roughen up the surface of your natural teeth by removing an extremely fine layer of enamel before applying the cement and positioning the veneers on top of this.

Because of this, it is important that you understand the commitment to using this style of treatment. Although your veneers are expected to last many years, once they chip or break off, you do need to replace them quickly to protect the integrity of your teeth. This cosmetic solution is not for the budget-minded, but if you are willing to commit to this expense, then you can enjoy beautiful teeth that might otherwise not be possible without lengthy treatment plans.

What can they protect and cover?

Your dental veneers can be used to cover and protect chipped teeth, broken teeth, slightly misaligned teeth, stained teeth, short teeth and much more. Although we have specific solutions for these issues, we might not be able to achieve the result that we could otherwise provide for you when using a veneer in a quick and effective way.

You can choose to use a single veneer to cover a problem tooth, but should you opt for a more dramatic and life-changing result, then using a full set will enable you to push the boundaries and create a brilliantly white smile, larger teeth or some other feature that you feel compliments your personality in the best possible way.

If you’re interested in seeing the change that this treatment can offer and discuss in more detail some specific features of the process, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more.

Wondering why our team is offering you white fillings? 5 advantages they offer over metal ones

If you were someone who grew up in either the ’70s or the ’80s, chances are that if you required a filling of any kind, it would have been made from metal.white-fillings-essex

Of course, making fillings from metal was commonplace for centuries; metal is hardy, durable and can handle the pressure which your teeth undertake every day without altering the taste of food.

But if you have ever needed restorative work or a filling placed on your front teeth, chances are that your dentist would have chosen either a composite or porcelain filling. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, are these filling types any different from metal ones?

At Crofts Dental, our dentist has fitted thousands of white fillings in Essex and can attest to the advantages that these alternative restoratives offer to patients. Aside from being able to more accurately control the colour to blend it with the surrounding tooth, we now almost exclusively fit either porcelain or composite fillings for our patients, using metal options in rare cases.

So, why do we prefer to fit white fillings in Essex as opposed to metal ones? Read on to find out!


As mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons metal was used for centuries in relation to fillings was its durability. It can withstand excessive amounts of pressure which no other material could, making it ideal for this purpose.

However, the materials used to make white fillings in Essex (composite or porcelain) are also able to withstand these pressures and won’t draw stares when you throw your head back laughing. They blend right in!

Temperature resistant

We all know that metal contracts in the cold and expands with heat.

Well, when you have fillings made from metal, they do the same thing! If you regularly consume hot drinks like tea, your metal fillings will expand, causing cracks in the surrounding tooth. And as they cool, they will shrink which, due to the cracks, can cause them to come loose.

Porcelain and enamel do not have this issue, and remain the same size they were when they were put in, regardless of what you eat or drink. Great!


In modern dental care, we have all the tools to make your teeth function so now, we focus a lot of our efforts onto the cosmetics.

And as mentioned earlier, porcelain or composite fillings can be colour matched to your surrounding tooth, allowing them to blend in.


Composite fillings are often used to protect or strengthen your teeth after procedures such as root canals.

As they are chip and crack resistant, they offer superior protection against bacteria. So, should any stains accumulate on them indicating less than adequate hygiene, it is easily spotted by our team and removed.

Long lasting

Composite and porcelain fillings offer you a superior lifespan when compared to metal ones.

As they rarely crack or chip, they are unlikely to need replacing and due to their lack of response to temperatures, they will not damage the surrounding tooth.