Invisible braces: How treatment impacts the everyday

Orthodontic treatment is a procedure that extends far beyond our clinic; the long-term nature requires treatment to occur in parallel with everyday life. Let’s look into what options there are to minimise the impact of treatment, like our invisible braces Essex. invisible-braces-essex

Daily challenges of orthodontic care

There are issues that come with the daily use of orthodontic tools, and these have encouraged us to make them more convenient and practical, with a big emphasis on getting the right sort of care for your particular misalignment. If an orthodontic issue can be corrected using a clear aligner, a brace would be an unnecessarily inconvenient but still effective solution, and it would be sensible to reserve things like headgear only for the most severe misalignments where they are truly required. Using Inman aligners to correct crossbites instead of surgically pinned braces is another example of prioritising the minimum necessary treatment with the maximum quantity of convenience.


Braces can be worn well with self-confidence and pride, but when given the option, most of our patients would prefer treatment without them. The options that have the least impact on your appearance are clear aligners, with our invisible braces Essex or lingual braces. Clear aligners are thin, translucent plastic forms that can fit over the teeth. Lingual braces can be mounted behind your teeth, meaning they can only be spotted if you open your jaw as wide as possible.


Cleaning is the biggest part of maintenance; repair jobs from trauma are a possibility but we don’t see them often in the surgery . Cleaning your invisible braces Essex or orthodontic tool must be carried out every day and usually after every meal. Any orthodontic tool that is permanently fixed into the mouth will have more cleaning requirements than one that can be removed before eating. Even for tools that can be removed, it is strongly recommended that you brush your teeth or use mouthwash before returning the device, as the disruption of the natural flow of saliva around your teeth can result in food particles being held in contact with the enamel surface, increasing cavity risks.

Seeing the results

Orthodontic treatment is not without its challenges and being able to see results can make a big difference to compliance. With our patients who are completing their treatment with traditional braces, the progression of their teeth into new positions is obscured by the brace itself. Using clear aligners or less intrusive orthodontic tools allows you to see your teeth taking on their new positions. You might lose the big reveal moment from brace removal, but you gain constant reassurance every time you look in the mirror that your teeth are taking on a more aesthetically pleasing form and your smile is gradually improving.

This makes the challenges that come along with removable braces maintenance (cleaning and using them regularly) far easier than those with a standard brace, where you have to delay the gratification till the end of treatment. This is particularly important with removable orthodontic tools as patients can stop their treatment at any time.