Dental implants: a fixed solution for missing teeth

Nobody likes losing one of their valued possessions. Even in the most minor of cases, losing something important is at the very least a big inconvenience. Sometimes, when we lose something, we are able to find it again quickly, which means that there is no reason to worry as the problem is quickly solved. On other occasions, we may not be able to find the thing that we are missing, and so we have to find and/or buy a new version of it. But what if we lose something that can’t be bought? What if the thing that we lose isn’t really a ‘possession’ so to speak at all? This might seem like an odd concept but it does happen to people frequently, for example when losing a body part. One of the most common body parts to lose is a tooth. Whilst it’s fine and indeed necessary for a child to lose their milk teeth, it can be quite nerve-racking when an adult loses one (or many!) of their teeth. This can happen for a number of reasons, including suffering an accident which damages teeth, or tooth decay. So what should we do if we lose any of our teeth? While there are a lot of things we can do, one of the best things we can do is get dental implants in Essex. Dental implants in Essex are a treatment that act as a permanent solution to broken or missing teeth. Exactly how this treatment works, and how it can help to restore broken or missing teeth will be the subject of this article today. In addition, we will also take a look at our options for dental clinics that can reliably provide us with dental implants in

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The reasons for this treatment

There are a lot of negative impacts of losing teeth. Many of these effects are cosmetic in nature. For example, the loss of teeth is often the main reason for people feeling insecure about smiling. Furthermore, the jawbone beneath missing teeth will slowly degenerate and resorb, which gives the face a very ‘sunken in’ appearance. This is why dental implants in Essex can be a very important treatment.

The implants themselves are actually small metallic screws that are fixed in place in gaps between teeth where old teeth have fallen out. These screws allow things such as bridges and crowns to be fixed on top of them as they are affixed to the jawbone and thus provide a stable basis for natural looking and feeling artificial teeth to replace broken and missing ones.