Can dental implants in Essex save my smile?

Cracks, chips or gaps in your teeth can ruin an otherwise perfect smile and for many people having a damaged or missing tooth can make them feel incredibly self-conscious. That’s where treatments like implantation come in, with this simple procedure your dentist will be able to restore your smile to its former glory.

dental-implants-essexSo with that in mind, here’s how an appointment for dental implants in Essex can help you save your smile.

What are the implants used for?

Generally we would recommend dental implants in Essex for our patients as a way to replace any badly chipped, cracked or damaged teeth that can’t be repaired through other means such as crowns or white fillings. We also often use them to fill gaps in your teeth and in extreme cases of overcrowding we can use them to create a neater and straighter appearance.

How does the dentist fit them?

The fitting process for the implant itself is surprisingly straightforward. We basically use a prosthetic tooth that will either be created out of a porcelain or acrylic resin material, depending on what your dentist thinks would suit you. This material is also shaded and shaped to match its surrounding neighbours to ensure that the replacement we provide not only fits into its new home, but also blends in to provide you with a natural looking solution to your problem.

The teeth are held in place with a sterilised titanium screw that is inserted underneath your gum line and into your jawbone. Then over time the bone should heal back over this screw to provide a stable and sturdy platform for the crown.

Does the treatment involve any pain?

When it comes to dental treatments patients, more often than not, will ask about any pain involved as the mouth is a pretty sensitive area to work in. There may be some mild discomfort involved as it does involve some minor surgery, but your dentist will limit this as much as they can with a local anaesthetic.

At Crofts Dental Practice our team will try to limit the amount of discomfort you feel during your treatment as much as they can, to ensure your implantation goes smoothly and successfully.

If you’re still concerned about any potential pain, you can also discuss the use of a general anaesthetic with your dentist, if it’s appropriate to your particular case.

Tips for keeping the new tooth clean

After you have your implant fitted all that’s left is to keep it clean and clear of any bacteria that might cause it to become infected. You can manage this easily by just lightly brushing around your implant at least once a day as part of your normal oral health routine. If you use floss, try to limit how much you pull around the tooth and gum, as you may damage or dislodge it. Also we recommend you avoid using mouthwash as the chemicals can irritate your gums.

So as you can see the implant process is simple, implants are easy to look after and they can help restore your smile whilst giving you that confidence boost you deserve. To start your journey to a healthier smile just get in touch with our team at the practice.