Brighten up your smile with teeth whitening in Essex

As you get older your teeth start to lose their milky white gleam as they fade and become discoloured. There are numerous toothpastes and alternative methods of reducing these effects, but one way to make a lasting impression is through tooth whitening sessions with your dentist.

teeth-whitening-essexHere’s how you can add a little shine to your smile with an appointment for teeth whitening in Essex.

What causes discolouration?

Discolouration and yellowing of the teeth happens to everyone and it’s commonly caused by things in your diet.

As an example, smokers and users of tobacco products have a higher chance of discolouration occurring to their teeth because of the habit. Wine and coffee are also another source of this yellowing, as that regular morning brew or evening sip can slowly stain those pearly whites.

What does whitening involve?

An appointment for teeth whitening in Essex is a fairly simple process that generally tends to involve one of two methods.

The first option is for your dentist to take an impression of your teeth, this is to create a mouthguard that will be combined with a gel that will bleach your teeth gradually over a series of sessions. Another fairly common technique, known as ‘power whitening’, may be used whereby your dentist covers your teeth with a powder. This is then exposed to a light that will activate the compound causing it to gradually brighten your teeth.

Don’t worry about having to choose one, as your dentist will normally discuss your options prior to your treatment, to figure out which one will give you the desired result of whiter teeth. At Crofts Dental Practice our talented and friendly team will bring out that hidden shine and healthy colour that your teeth have lost, with a few professional whitening sessions in our practice.

Can I do it at home?

For those that may have a busy schedule, or hectic family life and commitments that don’t allow for a lot of free time, then there is also the option to take home one of our whitening kits. Each one is custom made to fit your specific needs and we will walk you through the correct application methods as well as how long you should use it for.

Is it safe?

A fairly common question a lot of patients have when it comes to treatments, especially those involving a bleaching compound, is if it’s safe. Whitening is strictly controlled because of the bleaching component of the procedure and you should always follow any and all advice given to you by your dental practitioner. If you have a home kit we recommend that you use a minimal amount of gel as it can cause irritation or blistering if it touches your gums because of overspill.

If you have any concerns about the process then have a chat with our team.

Getting rid of that discolouration and yellowing has never been easier, so if you’re looking to restore your teeth to their former glory or just want to add a little sparkle to your smile, then get in touch with our team.