Are you apprehensive about root canal treatment?

Fear and apprehension are normally the result of a lack of knowledge about an impending event or experience. At Crofts Dental Practice root canals Essex are only performed after a comprehensive examination and a thorough discussion with you. We explain the reasons why you need the treatment, but we also explain the procedure, duration and the benefits to you. Our experience is that armed with this knowledge and having been given the opportunity to ask questions and allay fears, patients are less scared of the procedure.


What is dental pulp?

Each tooth has a root or roots. Your front teeth normally have one root and your back teeth two or three roots. Each tooth is filled with a pulp medically referred to as endodontium and this provides the material necessary for your teeth to grow and remain healthy, it is found underneath the dentine.

Why would I need root canal treatment?

You might need this treatment if you experience sensitivity with your teeth, severe toothache, sharp pains in your mouth or if you develop a severe infection in your mouth. An accident or sports collision where you have banged your teeth hard against an object may mean a crack  has developed and this is another reason why your tooth pulp may be damaged. Other indications are if you find that when you chew or bite you experience a sharp pain, or suffer sensitivity when drinking hot or cold fluids. Rub your finger over your gums and if you find small pimples on them that is another indication. If you have swollen gums or if your gums appear darker than usual seek dental advice.These can all be urgent signs that there are problems with the dental pulp in a tooth. Treatment of root canals Essex will become necessary when a thorough examination identifies that the dental pulp has been infected by bacteria, as the pulp will slowly begin to die. Dental pulp cannot heal itself and even if the pain subsides over time this may only be an indication that the nerves have died.

The procedure

Removal of the dental pulp is carried out under local anaesthetic and you should feel no pain. Using a dental dam to ensure that the tooth is isolated we will make an opening in the top or crown of the infected tooth. Using a variety of small dental instruments we will clean out all the pulp from the various chambers within your tooth. We will then fill your tooth with a specially formulated dental material which will completely seal the root canals Essex. Usually at this stage a temporary filling is used to block the opening and you will be required to return in a few weeks for the final procedure. On your next visit the temporary filling will be removed and your new crown will be fitted restoring your tooth back to full functionality.

Return to eating and drinking normally

It is recommended to give it a day or two before normal eating and drinking may resume. You can restart your normal oral hygiene routine and your treated tooth will last as long as your other teeth.