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Smile Makeovers

Smile makeovers are the perfect treatment for patients who are keen to completely change the appearance of their smile.

More and more patients are turning to cosmetic dentistry to give them the smile that they have always dreamt of. Often, patients are keen to improve the appearance of their smile, but are unsure of the best treatments to achieve what they want. Our expert cosmetic dental team can help, with a wealth of experience and a wide range of treatment options at their fingertips.

We offer a free smile makeover consultation to all patients.

Exactly what treatment is best for you, and the length and cost of treatment, will vary from patient to patient. The first step is to come to see us for a smile makeover consultation. There your dentist will find out what you want to achieve and, after examining your mouth, will present you with the best treatment options.

Some treatments are relatively simple and quick, for example contouring the teeth to improve their appearance; using composite, tooth-coloured filling material to change the shape or colour of a tooth or teeth; or giving your smile a brightness boost with our tooth whitening treatment.

Another common cosmetic treatment is using dental veneers, which are very thin custom-made porcelain or composite restorations used to restore teeth and cosmetically change a smile, making teeth appear straighter and whiter and covering small imperfections such as chips or little gaps. A huge benefit of veneers is that they require minimal preparation of the teeth, and we now offer Lumineers, which are ultra-thin, strong veneers that require no tooth preparation at all.

More extensive restorative treatments can include the use of crowns, bridges, orthodontics or dental implants to completely rejuvenate your smile.

Our smile makeover treatments can make your smile look a lot younger and can provide a huge boost to your self-esteem. Some treatments are instant and can be turned around in one sitting. If you’re thinking about changing your smile, get in touch with the practice today to book a smile makeover consultation.

All of our treatments are carried out to the highest standard using only the best, tried and tested materials and techniques.

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